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Be a teacher on Long Island.  You will have more days off than anyone you know.  You will get paid around 100k +/-.   Have a pention.   Have close to no copays at the doctor.  And have a rewarding career.     This is only for Long Island though.  Elsewhere teachers make less.
    pension. I guess your not a teacher.  lol

Bitcoin and a Coconut?

Eff u x98. I got a lot of other boards that I don't post. U ass>%.. Luv Ya like a red headed step child. Lol

thanks and feel better.

my arms are falling off.

Thanks guys. I think I'm gonna just burn those boards. Or use them for target practice.

Between the Internet and the beach being closed. It's a tough time for any small business.

Interesting how no shops will take it. You have any pictures? To my knowledge most Libtechs are vac sealed epoxy. That being said, come gorilla glue, epoxy, and fiberglass can fix pretty much anything. May not be the most aesthetic fix but I mean who knows. I've done a few surf-techs that had hole's literally though the board from forklifts, came out not so pretty but ride well.
the shops will take it but they want 150-200 to fix it. I think I might just cut it open and play around with it.

yup u can and I have the board for you. 7'4" speed egg. tri fin. if interested let me know. ive been using mid lengths as part of my quiver for over 30 years. I always bring one on a surf trip as well.

7' semi keel glassed on sugarpine wood fin.Shaped by Coconut.NEW....

Carver with the c7 trucks..awesome boards.