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I know this a real long shot but I think it's worth getting the word out.

I was at Camelback Mountain this past Wednesday (1/12) and someone jacked my snowboard from the racks while I was inside at the lodge. The board was literally brand new because I had bought it 2 days earlier.

Keep an eye out on the mountains for this thing!

Board: 2011 Capita Stairmaster 159
Bindings: 2008 Ride EX Series

3 time World Champion Andy Irons passed away today on his flight home from Puerto Rico due to Dengue fever. What a tragedy! Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends!

RIP AI  :(

Apologies for posting this in the main room but I'm looking for a print shop on Long Island or in NYC that does vinyl sticker printing for reasonable prices and quick turnaround time.

If you know of or have any recommendations, please reply or email me john.zanussi [at]

Earl is Category 4 now and will remain that way for the rest of the week. NHC is saying he'll come close to Cat. 5 status!!

We also officially have TS Fiona. Even though it doesn't look like she'll pack the same punch as Earl, her track is nice and it looks like she might hang out for a day or two off the coast of North Carolina!


pretty rad to see this guy dive in a way that looks like he's BASE jumping and then ascend to the surface by free climbing the wall.

i was fortunate enough to interview a really cool artist from hawaii named heather brown, for my website last week. i just published the post so you guys should check it out. her paintings are really really awesome and she gave some good answers to the questions i asked her.


Thanks to Red Dawn Productions and Northeast Sessions for the excellent shots!

i am sooo excited for this it's not even funny. i was too young to be able to see them live in their hayday and always thought that i would never get to see them live. they picked up a new front man and are hitting 6 cities this spring! i just bought 4 tickets to the show at the roseland.

It's 4.99 in the app store but has everything you need to stay updated this year

I have been working on this site designing, developing, and writing content in my free time for almost six months and today I am officially launching it to the world. It is mainly targeted to the surf community so you guys should love it. For today's launch, we have an interview with CJ Hobgood and a contest to win 2 new Freestyle watches along with a bunch of surf videos. The site will be updated pretty much every day with all sorts of stuff so make sure you stay on it every day!!

Let me know what you all think!

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