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instant classic

When being a child Bruce Wayne had witnessed with his own eyes his fact parents of millionaire cruelly were killed. So affected his strong scent of Revenging his parents. However, God never have given him a chance to fulfill his will. Following the advice of Raws Al-Ghul - the chief of Ninja Group, Bruce come to Gete, which was city corrupted with groups various crime filling.

Main Room - General New York Surf and New Jersey Surf Discussions / Drowning
« on: September 24, 2011, 11:08:02 PM »
The helicopter, police boat, firefighters were searching for quite a while this afternoon.  Not sure why someone goes in to "swim" wearing pants.

New 6'8" Byrne Epoxy surfboard with DaKine traction pad. Purchased board while waiting for custom board to arrive. Seriously injured ankle playing basketball and was unable to use board prior to custom board arriving. Will include DaKine board sock if price is right. $600/obo
LENGTH: 6'8" 203.20 cm
NOSE: 11.75" 29.84 cm
MID: 19.75" 50.16 cm
TAIL: 14.5" 36.83 cm
THICK: 2.75" 6.98 cm
Pro Teck carbon fins
DaKine Traction pad

Almost as funny as the derivative of SSBM (spring suit booty man) who was acting out surf short booty man.   Yes, he was wearing surf shorts and 3 mil booties.  Must have been to prevent cuts from the razor sharp reef in LB.

Unused 6'8" Byrne for sale (surftech).  Tailpad included.  Will throw in DaKine board sock if price is right.
Had sold old shortboard and purchased this board while waiting for custom boards to arrive.  Tore ankle ligaments playing basketball just after board was purchased and then new boards arrived -- have only surfed the custom boards since ankle healed so the board remains unused. 
PM me with offers.

LENGTH: 6'8" 
NOSE: 11.75" 
MID: 19.75" 
TAIL: 14.50" 
THICK: 2.75" 

(color is blue -- not yellow as pictured)

A&D ointment (a la diaper rash ointment) -- nothing better

Stories of Stoke: The Aloha Room / Re: Apr 19th
« on: April 19, 2007, 10:43:45 PM »
very true.  tide was killing it.  some nasty hay and farm debris floating in the water, too.

Stories of Stoke: The Aloha Room / Re: Mar 30th
« on: March 29, 2007, 09:40:44 PM »
uh, mucho longo izquierda olas?

jerz was pretty nice before the winds got silly.

Main Room - General New York Surf and New Jersey Surf Discussions / grem
« on: February 17, 2007, 01:30:54 PM »

A minor clarification on onefin's advice after 10 years of living in Canada -- letting it drip slowly is the key.  Keeping a faster flowing stream out of the faucet will not prevent the pipes from freezing for some reason (the logic eludes me -- would seem like the opposite would be true) -- keep it at a slow drip...

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