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Any recommendations for a good ding repair guy west of suffolk?..have a mean smashed nose that needs professional attention


6' x 20 1/2" x 2 5/8" Occster shaped by Dave Parmenter of Aleutian Juice surfboards etc. $400
New, a few dents. No dings.
Beak nose,  further reading here:

Lost Bottom Feeder $200
5'8" x 21 1/2" x 2 1/2" 35.54L

Glassed by the lucky bastards
Gloss polish finish with subtle stripes in the hotcoat
Futures boxes

Has been my go to board for a while. Love it but time to move on.
The  good - watertight, works really well in most of our conditions. Excels in small good waves.

The bad - Abortion of a ding repair courtesy of Wax surf co. Watertight but looks really bad.
kick portion of the tail pad has broken off
a few pressure dings and spider cracks. Had to do a grub screw repair two years ago.

Uuunnnddddeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...quoting scales massive under..declare yourself a debased swellian and its a massive Ooooovvvvveeeerrrr....

Looking for a 56 - 58 vonsol flying manta..

All right there david lee scales

Ummm no.  Do you mean 'subjectiveness'? "What is good surfing, or good shaping for that matter" You can have whatever opinion you want on the topic, but as a community we have pretty much decided what good surfing is, on a variety of boards. There is a documented history of master craftsmen who are celebrated in our culture for their contributions to surfboards, good shaping has been clearly defined. No one rips on a wavestorm, jamie o at pipe is funny, and I know a few folks here that enjoy riding them in crap...but I have yet to see anyone 'ripping' on one.  Maybe after you have been surfing for a while you will come to understand the value of a surfboard custom made to your ability and local conditions.  Until then stick with the wavestorm.

All of you yoga people...any specific styles or poses you recommend?

Serious gougers. Had to buy tickets to florida recently and the price doubled on me over the course of one hr. I swear they saw my ip had checked pricing for these particular tickets over a few days and knew just when to jack em up. I have to go put my tinfoil hat on now.

No way that could be for him, looked bigger than a 4'10"

 Thinking about it is not going to help, this is not an intellectual pursuit - particularly in the beginning years. Surf more, have fun while you are doing it, get better. 

Never underestimate the value of a good pair of thin wool socks, particularly on social media. Now, this frictionless barrier your talking about, thats something I could get into...

Been waiting to hear someone buy these things...

They claim that no more balloon feet, that said I havent worn bodyglove wetsuits since I was 13 and the zippers broke off of every suit after 3 months.

Also, I would pay a brown trout ton of money for heated boots that had a one way valve to let water out. Heated suits dont really interest me, it is my feet that go first always..

we should definitely burn kyles quiver too..just to be sure

Dorados quiver has done this to us. Only one cure... Bonfire!

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