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Ummm no.  Do you mean 'subjectiveness'? "What is good surfing, or good shaping for that matter" You can have whatever opinion you want on the topic, but as a community we have pretty much decided what good surfing is, on a variety of boards. There is a documented history of master craftsmen who are celebrated in our culture for their contributions to surfboards, good shaping has been clearly defined. No one rips on a wavestorm, jamie o at pipe is funny, and I know a few folks here that enjoy riding them in crap...but I have yet to see anyone 'ripping' on one.  Maybe after you have been surfing for a while you will come to understand the value of a surfboard custom made to your ability and local conditions.  Until then stick with the wavestorm.

 Thinking about it is not going to help, this is not an intellectual pursuit - particularly in the beginning years. Surf more, have fun while you are doing it, get better. 

we should definitely burn kyles quiver too..just to be sure

So happy to have taken the day off work Friday.  My am session was tough, lots of paddling trying to stay in position for a handful of waves. Got out and watched the most crowded and beautiful set waves roll through an eastern lb spot for a while. Nap in the van and an afternoon session with a few friends at an empty jetty that was kind of magical. So stoked on the whole day.

Cats out of the bag, your new "secret" board is a jimmy lewis epoxy popout log....shredding

Somebody please buy this, great deal on an amazing board.

I can pretty much guarantee that in your case, it really doesnt matter.

I think that given the criteria and standards of the
WSL the call and the score is correct..and that is exactly
what is wrong with the WSL


I usually hate half men and spongers...but I  liked this movie. Found it interesting to watch each of their approaches to different waves. Funny that at the heaviest slab the stand up seemed to make the most of it...

Yup. Hereby known as Seb's. He holds down that jetty more than anyone else, and everyone calls it by a different steet name...

"There’s nothing to kill them off. They’re going to fill the waters up and I think that’s why you’re seeing more close to shore.”

Exactly, clearly a plague of GWS. Hope the surf schools are being responsible and teaching their
students that abstinance is the only way to guarantee you wont get bitten...


I am not a big fan of CI boards...but I have to admit that I have always coveted a Black Beauty. I can picture it now, hanging over the mantle, only to be paddled out on the big perfect days around here, I would have to spend hours wiping the dust off it when I get to surf it once every 5 years. Repost Repost Repost Repost....I dont care, its just too good.

What is this, 1996? I would love to have a surf coach when I travel, specifically to nigeria where I am going to pickup my reward for saving that princess. I am only going though with my expensive surf flashlight and my wetsuit from that shop in oregon...sheesh buddy, quit being such a shyster. How about instead of trying to monetize surfing in the absolutely lamest ways, you go somewhere else and do it...wakeboarding? rollerblading? bow hunting? whatever, just quit staining us with your "marketing"