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All suits in good condition. Located North Shore Nassau County (I'm in lb/points south often)
Psychotech - $100Mutant - $100 (have the crew neck & hood)Billbong - $50


$600 firm (includes 7.25 futures Ricky Carroll fin & side bites, creatures low profile bag)9x22x 2 3/4

Board is in perfect condition, only used a handful of times

Located in Roslyn Heights - In long beach often

gbuzz is a super fun grovel board that has decent range for a small wave board. Once of the few boards i've regretted selling

Canít speak about hyperflex since i've never owned one. Iíve got OíNeill mutant 4:3 and the ability to switch between hood/no hood makes it incredibly versatile.  If I was getting a suit without that option Iíd get a hooded one. I use it about 70% of the time on my mutant

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I think they are awesome. Leash doesnít bother me at all. Iíll take it off when wearing a hood but they are a bit to pricey to risk loosing otherwise

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awesome suit, 6 months old, worn maybe 10 times. Should have just gotten the large (not short).
Located north shore li, in long beach frequently.

the only day we've had any sort of swell in past few weeks was pretty good (as in didn't seem like any change) in the 3 spots I went to all over town - aside from the eyesore of looking at the thing offshore didn't feel any impact (yet)

i'm going to be in long branch weekend of 8/4. if whoever is selling the board willing to meet me there (looks about 20 miles from pt pleasant) i've got plenty of room to bring board back to LI

bump. price drop


good condition....a few bruises over the years all professionally repaired (fins not included)

5'8 x 21.5 x 2.5
located long island north shore, in long beach often

Bought last summer and used maybe 5x (peed in approx 1/2 dozen times). Lost a bunch of weight so my loss your gain. Located on north shore li, in long beach often

posting for a friend - looking for boards for an art project. Need to be no bigger than 6 ft. board can be bruised/dinged etc - will never see water. He's looking to spend around 100 per board. Located in Nassau/north shore.

On a related note anyone with the state drive on pass. Mine blew out the window going over the bridges, went into the parks office showed my receipt, registration, and they would not do anything. Said have to be more careful, that would not be able to drive on the beach without the permit and would be ticketed if I drove on the beach. Unreal, 1 - how is it not a sticker its 2018, 2- If i own the pass how can I be ticketed, and or told to leave? Anyone dealt with this before ?

Try losing your monthly MTA pass, with your unlimited subway pass on the back. Now that hurts.

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I've never once seen anyone checking for the pass at the entrance and I don't leave it on my dash when surfing (so its basically like I don't have it, though I do)

Thatís what Iím thinking. Maybe downgrade the gloves to 3mm too

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Was in 3mm gloves last weekend - felt good

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tried to switch fins on a board recently and fin key would not get them out. Can't even see them so no sure if they are at a funky angle that key can't reach or they are stripped. Either way, any thoughts on how to handle? The good news is i've got a good pair of fins in there so i could leave them if need be but my ocd is kicking in.

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