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Maybe they are a wooden version of the sword stuck in the stone...? Or, tie a fishing line to it and see what you can catch...  :D

So, the wife and I are considering moving out to Long Beach when our lease comes up at the end of April and wanted to get people's thoughts on whether it was worth the commute.  We both work in the city (me-Midtown, her-South Bronx) and I have a 40 min commute and she has a 75 minute commute door to door.  I guess the question for anyone who has lived both places is do you actually get much more surf time in and is it worth the extra commuting time?  At this point, I'm only able to make it out there on weekends if the surf/plans cooperate.  If we stay in BK, I suppose I might be able to pull some DP or evening sessions once the days get longer, but not sure if the job will allow that. 

I come across people who have made that move and have that commute all the time, and invariably the conversation is the same, especially as the weather turns warmer: Water time is up, quality of life is way up, why didn't I do this sooner? In fairness, I'm usually talking to people in the water who love the beach and the ocean and surfing and not to people commuting to work on the train, so I never hear the other side of the story. Plus, the winters are long and the flat spells will drive you even more insane while you stare at the pot waiting, praying for it to boil.

that brings up a good point, for me. if you like doing city things and having a life in BK, like uncut, then the move is not for you. if you are like me and don't really like doing those things and just want to stare at, be in or on the water, regardless of it being flat (because it often is) and like doing other water related things besides just surfing, then the move is worth it. if you're moving just to surf, it would probably be disappointing. if you're moving because you need to be at the beach, it's worth it, or, like me, there's just no alternative
This is interesting because I would think nothing of dropping everything and buy a cottage in the Lake Placid area of Upstate... Only one problem, I LOVE the ocean. And a two week vacation would not suffice.

commute to Manhattan via Long Island railroad would be about the same.But cost more.
Yeah, I agree with this.

His music makes me want to kick him in the balls. But I sure wish i could surf like he does.
Wow, tell us how you really feel.. lol

Rusty Overdrive circa 1992, J Johnson goes head first over the falls at second reef rolling into first pipeline.  One of the nastiest wipeout scenes I remember on a video, the rest of the video he was showing how he got his spot in the pipe pecking order by pulling into to macker after macker.  Like my old musician roommate said about Jack Johnson and his blossoming career (this is while I lived in HI) ,"I hate Jack Johnson in a, why didnt I think of that bullshlt first kind of way"  Anyhow yep, JJ charges, scene it with my own eyes.
That's good. It's good to hear he charges and doesn't "Carmen Diaz" it.

Haha alright. Well, yea. Jack rips. Went to the Pipe Masters when he was like 17 or 18 or something like that. He's been in a few surf films as well - pretty sure Endless Summer II has a clip of him. I mean when your dad is Jeff Johnson, your childhood backyard is pipeline, and you count Gerry Lopez as a family friend your almost forced to be pretty damn good. The guy has the Midas touch - does the surfing thing - rips, decides to make movies - makes 2 surf films that win a bunch of awards, makes music for friends and becomes a star (and it's probably the worst of the three talents to boot), plus you can also add in the fact that I've always heard from people that meet him the same exact thing "Yea, he actually IS that nice".
Oh wow. Ok, that qualifies I guess... lol. Thanks for the details.

Pipe is Bombing today... And there is the IBA Pipe Challenge going on live here:
Yeah, checked it out. Clean as hell too.. Boogie boarders are going nuts.

Pitted, soo pitted...

Is this another retro post or is this an actual question?
Actual q. I was listening to JJ on Jango and remember reading one time that he was a "pro" surfer. So, I didn't do a search for his background, just figured I'd ask..

Anyone know if he was a good surfer? Heard he was, just wondering...

"Christie’s office has ordered flags flown at half-staff 42 times: for 31 servicemen and women, two first responders, six public officials, the anniversary of the Sept. 11, and two others: Morristown Coach Harry Shatel and E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons."
I think this ends the debate.

I don't know about that - if anything, it fuels it for me. I don't know the story of the coach, but as much as I loved Clarence, I can't say I agree at flags half staff for him, either. The others? All more than fitting as they were heroes and public servants. Whitney was neither a hero nor a public servant.
And yet, I thought that whenever the flag is flying at half-staff, it meant the post office was hiring!

I kinda have a full staff for Whitney the dark haired girl with the new sitcom  :)

Cummmings!  She is a hottie.
yes... you see the episode when she breaks out the lingerie??  :o 8) :-*

Where can I get a scarf made out of neoprene? Do they sell those in Brooklyn?
They do.. but you will have a hard time tying it...

I am not a fan and I think his war on teachers is downright despicable.
If anything, this is a well-intentioned oversight. Do you think that Christie sat down and said, you know what? I'm gonna put the flags at half mast, that will show those uppity veterans. . . cmon.
War on teachers?  Sorry, before this turns political, lets please keep this to the topic. That's if you agree/disagree with the flag hanging for Whitney. I mean, my eye is twiching and everything...   :o

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