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Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / been a while
« on: November 01, 2013, 12:49:10 PM »

  There are quite a few things in my life that I have not been proud about but, until today I have never felt utterly humiliated.
  You said the train is getting ready to leave and those not on it would be left behind.  I worked hard to support your vision. When you told me what I was working on was were you wanted to spend time developing I was encouraged.
  I have been working hard to move in a direction that you wanted to go. Pushed hard to learn new skills and deliver on projects. I have lost sleep keeping your engines running. I have gone so far as to truly believe your message about change and where we were going in the future.  All of this I would have done anyway because that's what I do.
   What really hurt is that you told me my position was secure and I believed you.


to be in the office

Here is my Idea. I want a SUP to go on excursions with then when I find a decent spot to surf I want to pull out my short board.
Anyone making anything like this or willing to try?

Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / War with Iran
« on: March 29, 2012, 03:57:32 PM »
Why? Amy one want to argue a reason for it?

How has the travel been with Jet blue been?  Have they been checking inside board bags to count?   I'm trying to figure out weather to bring 2 or 3 boards .

Going to visit my Wife's extended family and was told there were some decent spots to surf. Going to be there for at least two weeks. I was hoping someone could recommend some spots Going to be up in the Manilla area but a little traveling wouldn't be out of the question even some island hopping.

what a JOKE.

Leave it to vanity fair to bring out the issue. The use of HGH has gone way past helping children with stunted growth. Which brings up the questions how prevalent is it in the surfing world and how dangerous is it?

Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / Feel the change
« on: December 14, 2011, 10:21:08 AM »
The House is working on a bill that will give the government the ability to lock away suspected terrorists indefinitely regardless of citizenship with out trial.

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