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Just like going right back into the jetty at rock

Just like that...  ::) ;D


Sir - when you coming out for some surf/snow?

I'm in the same time zone now, but I may be at your latitude in Feb--I'll holler if it happens.


Yeah the water only got cold when it blew really hard on shore for several days straight with temps in the high 30s.  Everyone here freaked out.  I bought some 2 mil boots and have been totally happy.

question though, as for parking, how does that work?  there plenty of places to park?  meters or free parking?  i've noticed from my few days so far, is that free parking basically doesnt exists much, especially here in pasadena and la.

Parking meters all take credit cards, which is great, and most in LA seem to be 2 hrs.  Santa Monica has 1 hour and parking tickets are like $76 or something, which I found out the hard way right off the bat.  The power move is a bike, because there is a path that goes from Palos Verdes all the way to Malibu, so you can park somewhere easy and then just ride along until you see a setup you like.

Ok, unintentional thread hijack--whistle me off it.  Here's the deal from mike himself.

Mike Olson & The Lib Tech Waterboard Story

My understanding at the time was he "sold out" to Quick because they offered him a boat load of money and a way out of running an iffy, niche, barely profitable seasonal business, so he could do what he wanted which was buy a house, have a family, surf and make surfboards.  All perfectly reasonable goals, IMO.  There was a lot of sketchy action sports industry business that really sucked for him before that happened, so I don't fault the guy.  Put it this way: as a team rider for Gnu I nearly ended up with a counterfeit board at one point.  As far as I know the Libs are all still built in Washington under his supervision.

What I want to know is what Bacon thinks of the bowl, esp compared to the firewires.  Is it as tough as they say?  Ever since my trusty magic board got run down and destroyed by the fin of some assclown on a fake vintage log at the ns3 I'm shopping, and I was leaning toward a FW, until now...


I've been seeing a hell of a lot of the firewires here in SoCal, and tons of the ...lost FWs, so I'm surprised they didn't make the list too.  i'm riding a $65 craigslist board made by a shaper I like that I would describe as a "non-ironic dumpster diver."

[size=78%]Just bought a Lib-Tech bowl that I'm putting through the motions and really liking. [/size]

How did I not know about this?  This is kind of blowing my mind.  Is it awesome? I knew the guys who started Lib coming up in Seattle and I've ridden their snowboards since the first prototypes.  They've always been out front on materials and engineering.

I'm in LA for a minute too if you want to PM me.  I've been hitting Venice pier a lot due to proximity. It gets ok sometimes but pretty gutless and closey most of the time it seems.  There's an entertaining peanut gallery of guys who talk a lot of trash and may or may not surf but do drink tall cans from paper bags that watch from the pier too.  There is a semi-secret ACOE sandbar I got tipped to that needs investigation.  Watching the reports every day though, El Porto is definitely the most consistently workable option. Rents are pretty decent in Manhattan, Hermosa, etc. if you can swing the commute.

It's been freezing here with a lot of wind cooling the water down and I do not have East Coast rubber with me.  Last week I was done after 30 mins in a 3/2.  On the plus side, though, most people are babies about cold and a 45 degree morning pretty much clears the lineup.  I think the key is to pick off the mid-day sessions if you can. Before and after work scenes are bananas, esp. south bay.

We just moved to K-Town a couple days ago and I haven't been in the water yet.  I'm stressing a little about being soooo faaarr from the beach. Like, 30-40 minutes, man.  Harsh.

I was staying in Culver City before and I was doing quick tactical strikes by just driving the 10 mins to the beach and back in my wettie and not wasting time changing in the parking lot.

FYI, For whatever reason, the Surfline forecast seems to be garbage here.  I have no idea why.

Before blowing a lot of money on surfboards and rubber suits and leashes and whatnot, I recommend spending at least the first year prone on a longboard skateboard, pushing along with your hands to get used to paddling.  Then dropping in on a ramp that way and learning to pop up.  That's pretty much the accepted method nowadays.

OMG--this is breaking my heart to read the threads.  NYNJsurf comes through as an invaluable resource right now. It is stressful to be away from my NY people.  If there is anything I can do on the internets, like emailing family or anything, let me know. Email me at [email protected]

On a less serious note: what happened to Cracky the Whale, BTW?  I imagine he must have finally migrated to the arctic or something...

Thanks for the update.  I read there are buses going around to pick people up.  Fingers crossed!

Any visuals from LB this morning?  Friend's family decided to ride it out on California Street and we haven't heard anything since last night.  The last Google News update from LB was 10 hours ago...

Seacliff--that's still only a rumor at this point.  They'll probably announce the Wavejet 1s first, some time in first quarter 2012, which can only do shuv-its, but can automatically update your facebook status when you take off.  Also, there have been a lot of complaints about dropped waves, especially in New York, and it doesn't work at all if you grab the rails the wrong way.

I am pretty alarmed to see an online offer for Wavejet arrive in Lady Schaudenfreude's in box from "Urban Daddy" just now:

Prepare for the coming aquatic-segway apocalypse.
Here is the copy:

November 29, 2011Farewell to ArmsA Surfboard with an Engine    VITALS    WaveJetofficial website            Every once in a while, a great machine comes along and turns laziness into a virtue. Let’s review:1885: The first internal combustion automobile makes walking far less necessary.1955: The remote control makes getting up a thing of the past.2011: This thing comes along to end the scourge of paddling.Introducing WaveJet, a surfboard that takes care of the paddling for you, available for preorder and giddy wish list-ing Thursday.Picture a surfboard. Now picture a small, flat engine on the bottom of it. There you have it. Just you, moving faster than everyone else, catching all of the choicest waves (and carefully avoiding eye contact with your increasingly jealous fellow surfers).There’s not a whole lot to learn here. There’s a charger. There’s a board. (It comes in long-, short-, body- and stand-up paddleboard versions, and you can also mount one to a kayak.) And there’s a wristband. The wristband lets you control your speed (up to 20 mph in still water) and keep track of the battery. And if by some chance you wipe out, it’ll turn off automatically, lest your surfboard run away into the sunset without you.So there you’ll be, out on the water, lying across the board. People all around you are getting knocked back despite textbook duck dives. They’re exhausted. And you gracefully float on by to a huge set of waves, no arms necessary.Next: footballs that throw themselves.Note:    WaveJet, sign up now for preorder Thursday    FORWARD    this article to a friend    INVITE    your friends to join UD    GET    the UD mobile app    PERKS    check them out       

Wow. Honestly, I'm speechless.  Avoiding eye contact?  How about avoiding fist contact? I've always been ambivalent about--but respectful of--localism, stink eye, window waxing, general intimidation, etc. but I am starting to reconsider the dark side...  I've been to some of this company's food events, and if any of the dbags who I saw there decide to try surfing and start taking waves outside, I'm pretty sure people will have a problem with that.

Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / 3rd place
« on: November 13, 2011, 05:56:16 PM »
I just got 3rd place in a beer mile in a field with a bunch of  Ironman triathletes.  I guess the many reps of "one-arm-curls" finally payed off.  That is all.

Thanks bro. I just wanna see everyone. Probably my last big shin dig for a long time. Speaking of which I wanna talk to you about something. The Iodine radiation issue, the Doc says, once I start it, i'll have to be away from people for 2 weeks because Im poison to others possibly. So let me know if you know a place I can crash out durring this time. If you know anyone whose going on Vaca around that time maybe I can go there? I dunno. I'll do whatever you tell me is best. That'll be about a month after my recovery.

Oh brown trout!  My cousin had to do that, but he's fine now.  He got reeeeeaaaally bored, so watch out for that.  Seems like if you're immersed in water you should be radiologically safe, no? Physicists? I'm jut saying...  Good luck with the event!

listening at work to live feed.  I wish we (the surf industry) didnt have such terrible commentators.

I would LOVE some more local flavor on the commentary - at least for a few of the heats! Rumor was for a while that Tyler Breuer was going to get a shot, hasn't happened, would've been good!

It's hard to find media talent in NY... ??? ::)

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