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Awesome article I spent 2 years in the Marshall Islands great place

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This Sunday October 20, 2013

9 am - 12 pm, National Blvd

Come down, lend a hand! Bags and gloves provided!

Join students and faculty and community members for the Annual Long Beach High School Surf Club Beach Clean-Up!

A nifty flyer will be posted up soon!

if you lost a leash in LB east broadway and monroe area let me know description etc. found one under my car today.

Anyone have any experience with one of these fun filled injuries?  >:(

Heading there beginning of July. Not a surf trip- wedding trip, hopefully grab a day if possible at the beach but for this one its not the priority, going to be a different kind of trip than I am normally used to.

Anyone with any experience there? Going to be in the Antigua area. Looking for cool day trips, riding donkeys or mules, solid resources besides the old google "things to do in guatemala".

Slap tear here too either from boxing or surf
Had it about a year year and a half only reason I  considering surgery is getting tired of the pain after boxing surfing or when it's rainy or when I wake up or during hockey takin a shot or bumping along the boards

been able to surf just sucks when you take a set on the head and the board is torquing around also sucks after a bad session of golf and wiffleball has been put on hiatus.

Thinking of getting it done next fall though after summer work is done

so this is not an aaron asham thread?

took the week off after the half marathon until today

2 miles brought to you by the ace in the hole foundation

Quick plug- regardless of political views- great organization that supports vets and other great causes in memory of a close friend of mine killed in Iraq in 2006- If you ever walk past the surf racks at lido west take a moment to read the plaque.


ive gotten in when its been on and combined it with a run on some occasions if i still have energy. busy time of year take whatever comes my way and a half marathon in a week- peanuts compared to those triathlete folks on here though!

Sundays Tepid Tenacious Ten Miler


Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / Terry Sawchuk
« on: April 26, 2013, 12:03:07 AM »
Never realized until I was told tonight that the hall of fame hockey goalie's life ended due to complications from a fight in east atlantic beach with a teamate. Had to share this new found knowledge somewhere. Hopefully some hockey fan appreciates/can add to/ acknowledge disbelief.

Thursday's fearsome 4 miler.

a little pre-hockey warm up run. yup. thats what we will call it. Now for the ice...packs...


haha, I screwed that post up, some English teacher this guy is :o - it works for about 10 mins (sort of) then shuts down for at least 20 minutes. Thats what I meant to say!  :-\

If you are still interested let me know! could be a fun (frustrating) spring project. It really was an awesome vacuum. Wish it still worked well

No, its not a shred stick meant to get you into super sucky barrels,

its actually a vacuum-
Hoover Cyclonic Vacuum about a year and a half old, for some reason the motor keeps overheating and shutting off after about 20 minutes and doesn't actually vacuum anymore- Figured before I threw it out i might as well see if anyone who is mechanically inclined wants it. I grabbed my grandparents old vacuum to replace. Its red and used to be really awesome at vacuuming.

Obviously free, in the long beach area. If your interested let me know! I hate throwing something out that can be fixed, but I lack the know how, time and patience. Clean carpets rule!

10 miserable miles through lido and lb and the worst wind in my face for half of it. :'(


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