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5'10" x 20 5/8 x 2.5  Local Natures Shapes Q82 quad, great shape, no dings, normal pressure dents, fins included. $265 this is a deal!

5'4" x 21 X 2.5  Mini-simmons SALT box-Great condition, no dings, fcs keel fins included $300

5' 10" x 18 x 2 bill johnson squash tail thruster, watertight.  comes with fcs roof rack pads if you need them.  all for $80

? 2 5/8-nothing written on board

5'0" x 22- mini simmons ghostbuster under the hydrodynamica label-perfect condition, beautiful blue tint, couple pressure dents on deck, basically a brand new board, comes with larry mabile's twinzer fins.  Rare find.  Check out surfboards by hydrodynamica. Below is from Mollusk website describing the board.  Selling because I reherniated a disc in my neck in the last swell. $500-firm
There's an underground movement going in southern California right now... the trend leans toward very short, wide, voluminous boards with design elements inspired by Bob Simmons. This version for me, is a more refined take on the mini-simmons. I have evened out the bottom curve, moved the foam from the nose to the chest, adding a step deck. I also added the option of no-bump, single-bump, or double-bumps to pull in the tail, gaining more control. The Quad fin set-up was chosen after mucho hours of Baja testing, making the Ghostbuster Quad loose and positive with lots of snap. On the bottom I added displacement hull in the front third leading to concave through the tail. Scary good time...

5'9" x 20. MR twin fin with signature fins. Great board. Great deal at $250
Same shape as the board rode in the classic movie Free Ride,
The 1978 Retro Twin Fin started the multi-fin revolution.
Ľa full pointed nose with maximum thickness carried forward;
Ľa classic wing swallow tail shape which reduces area to give the board holding power through turns;
Ľa fluted wing which adds bite and alleviates slides when turning;
Ľa deep-V bottom which gets the board flowing from rail to rail

2 professionally repaired dings. 

interested in a trade for 5'10" bill Johnson squash tail thruster and fcs roof rack pads? I am in Long Beach too.

Amazing mandala, excellent condition no dings.
Poly, heavy glass because stringerless, 5'4" x 20, lokbox ak4 fins
$450 or consider trade for a different Mandala board or finline geebee

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