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tomo evo surfboard 5'4" x 19.25 x 2 7/16 29 L FCS II 5 fin. Amazing board, no dings, excellent condition. $375

solid bachelor single fin surfboard 6'1" x 20.5 x 2.5 35.8 L with 6.5 bonzer fin. excellent condition, no dings. $500[/size]any lightness on rails in photo is reflection of light--gloss finish.from website-This board is our single fin shortboard concept. We took the classic aspects of a retro single fin, vee out the back, forward volume and blended it with a modernized fuller but performance rail, foiled out with extra tail rockerand some double concave out the back. Lower nose rocker and a slightly forward wide point makes this thing a great paddler and true to its single fin roots. Awesome alternative board for your standard quiver, or an awesome single fin for your alternative style surfer.

Martin D-16GT acoustic guitar, purchased new in 2017, Mahogany sides, Sitka Spruce top. Excellent condition. always humidified. $1000 with case

Takayama Scorpion Surfboard surftech 5'10" x 21.25 x 2 5/8 --fcs original, 4 plus 1. fins included see photos. including can of tuflite spray pain light grey, I am picky about maintaining my boards and I sand and spray paint chips. No Dings, great deal at SOLD

ryan lovelace stubby hull 5'10" x 21 x ?2 5/8, glass on side bites with greenough 7'0"-4A center. Excellent condition, no dings. Super fun board. SOLD

Channel Islands Mini 5'5" x 19 3/4 x 2 1/2 29.7 L.  Love the board but need to clean out the closet. Perfect condition.

6'0" x 19.5"x ?2 5/8 Ryan Lovelace Toobshooter, perfect condition, looking for trade---campbell brothers MBLV-3 5'6" or slater cymatic 5'8-5'10" or Hayden Shapes Plunder 5'8"-510". or $600.

Copied from website--An oldschool template with a more modern foil to the rails and tail, the ToobShooter uses a modern bottom shape to loosen it rail to rail as compared to 'oldschool' singlefins.  The nose has a slight vee, that transitions quickly into a double concave, to a spiral vee out the tail that lifts the rail line, helping the board sit tighter into the pocket and slip deeper into the tube.  A slight dome under your back foot keeps it loose and sensitive off the back foot, but understand that this board is best for nice pockety waves when you're seeking the tube. The low 6' size is really good for the east coast of the US, and short hollow waves where you're going from quick air-drop to tube, to spit.  This is my best seller for New Jersey, New York and smaller, hollower areas.

Chris Christenson x Daniel Thomson collaboration-mescaline--christenson fish front with tomo tail. Quad future fin boxes, 5'4" x 19.5 x 2 5/16  no dings.Super fun board. $400

5'10" x 19 3/4 2 3/8---31 liters---quad epoxy surfboard made for maritime surf shop in long beach called the rum runner, short board front with wide tail to take advantage of weaker surf and maintain speed. comes with fins. It has a volan patch on the deck for added strength to prevent heels dents. no dings, excellent condition. $200.[/color][/size]

looking for gently used boosted board

Haydenshapes Hypto krypto-PU-5'4" x 19.5 x 2 1/4--26.24 L -excellent condition $375 or trade for 5'5"-5'6" hypto krypto or 5'8" slater OMNI/cymatic. 

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