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Hey Mark,
You can bring a board for the board swap. But otherwise the main show was curated from submissions we got. But, please feel free to shoot us an email with a photo of your board. We are still open to some submissions. Email us at: [size=78%][email protected][/size]

It's a great board! Paddles great, turns on a dime and noserides without effort.
Definitely one of the more fun logs I've ridden from Stewart.

 This Saturday Night at 5PM we kick off It "Doesn't Not Work: The Outer Limits of Pure Surf Design" at Picture Farm Studios. A surfboard show for those designs that may or may not work. We kick off this week profiling NY/NJ Shaper Neil Berenholz and his honest attempt to shape something Terry Fiztgerald, the Sultan of Speed would be proud of... Give it a read:

 This is going to be a pretty fun event. We got some wild submissions!
It Doesn’t NOT Work: the outer limits of pure surf design
Experimental Surf Craft Exhibit & Boardswap! Come on out and bring down your boards and check out this rootsy DIY Showcase!
May 3-4 2014
Picture Farm Gallery, Brooklyn

Got a whole bunch of neoprene face masks and balaclavas at Sundown if anyone wants to try em...

Some of the best waves I have seen
Combined with some of the coldest weather ever
Been awhile since we've seen that combo.

That's Dubstar! He got the wave of the day as usual. Epic session with the crew out there. Cold as Fuck! Salt ice formed all over our suits right when we got out. The water wasn't so bad. It was when you got out the cold settled in.  So good though! Thanks JScott for the great shots!


Milking Kidman while he's here...

Studies of Movement
By Andrew Kidman
Featuring Stephanie Gilmore
December 12th 7-10pm
29 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11249
Andrew Kidman is an Australian born artist who, over the years, has found his niche by presenting his love for surfing and music together in film. He’s always been interested in representing as some call it, ‘the dance’ or the way a surfer interacts with the wave. Early in his life, Andrew spent time with Hawaiian surfer Rell Sunn, which had a profound effect on him. Noticing her grace on the water, he wondered if perhaps it was possible that only a woman could interact so intuitively with the sea like this.
In his film, Glass Love (2005), Andrew attempted to show this grace in the opening sequence. The edit featured Daize Shayne surfing on a longboard as the sun set across the water. Shayne’s captivating silhouette against the golden sea has garnered close to two million views on YouTube. Kidman, at the time, made a series of screen prints of one of the images and presented them for a one-night show at the 303 Gallery in New York City.
Single, Studies of Movement (2013), furthers his work with the female ‘dance’ on the sea. Whilst working on his new film, Spirit of Akasha a Celebration of Albert Falzon’s 1972 classic, Morning of the Earth, Kidman filmed a sequence of Stephanie Gilmore at Greenmount, riding a Dave Parmenter -shaped single fin. Gilmore’s session was so remarkable Kidman dedicated an entire book to it.
The book Single, is an ode to Gilmore’s dance at Greenmount, an intriguing series of grainy frame grabs which stop time, allowing one to view her innately graceful agility in sequence form; thus the title, Studies of Movement.The 80-page hardcover book also features essays by Dave Parmenter, Andrew Kidman and Albert Falzon, as well as an in depth interview with Stephanie Gilmore.

On the 12th of December, Kidman will present his book, Single along with edition prints and a projection from the sequence of Stephanie. Andrew will also be exhibiting some of the original screenprints of Daize Shayne from the film, Glass Love.


Cat Power - I Found a Reason

Kindly supported by Crumpler, Griffin Editions, Pilgrim Surf & Supply, SMASH and Xsories

one of the reasons I think I like surfing is that no matter how desperately hard they keep trying, its basically impossible to make any kind of real $$ at it. Its sad to see this business fail but completely unsurprising. If it were making any money they'd probably find a way to work through their differences.

I disagree BOB. The reason they were fighting is probably because there was some money starting to be made. Money and power always complicates relationships... 

My thoughts from experience: No one wins in an ugly lawsuit that gets in the press... 

 The Save The Waves Film Festival is coming to Brooklyn, NY and will be Premiering Nathan Myers’ latest film Se7en Signs starring: Peter Devries, Asher Pacey, Ozzy Wright, Torrey Meister, Joel Fitzgerald, Harrison Roach, Otis Carey, Daniel Jones, Chris Del Moro, Eli Steele, Noah Cohen, Gavin Gillette, Kiron Jabour
DIRECTED BY Nathan Myers, Ben Gulliver, Saul Garcia, Joao Rito, Adam Chilton, Nat Lanyon
MUSIC BY Goons of Doom, Andy Six-String, The Bollens, The Walking Who, Donavon Frankenreiter and more.
Hitting the shores of the East Coast on November 15 – all the way from San Francisco comes the much anticipated Save The Waves Film Festival.
Brooklyn’s underground musical phenoms SLOTHRUST will open the night with a live music set.
Live music is followed by a carefully curated selection of short films featuring surfing legends, eco adventures and brand-new documentaries. This Brooklyn, NY event is the second stop in a 3-city cross-country tour. Including the world premiere of SE7EN SIGNS the surf travel epic by Nathan Myers and Taylor Steele, and the world premiere of several short films from Justin Krumb, Surf for Life, Save The Waves and much more.
6PM – doors open, live music by Slothrust.
 7PM – short films program.
 8PM – intermission, fundraiser raffle and more!
 8:30PM – world premiere of Se7en Signs.
Save The Waves Film Festival, now in its 5th consecutive year, is a nonprofit fundraiser for Save The Waves Coalition and World Surfing Reserves.
This Brooklyn event is located at Shangri La Studio, 100 Sutton Street, in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.
Films program and details at:
General Admission and VIP tickets are on sale now!

It's a guestimate from talking to a few friends who tour with Laura Enever as her personal videographer. Mostly gossip numbers. I can get you a more accurate number via PM.

Female Pro surfers on the ASP? Bargain prices...
Start at $50K per year plus travel expenses. They deserve a lot more but I  know a few pros who don't even have sponsors on the ASP tour and would be happy with that.

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