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After a Successful year of Fantasy Surf Competition, The Sundown Fantasy Surfer Group returns. Join The Sundown Fantasy Surfer Group by the beginning of the Billabong Pro Tahiti and you will be eligible to win a Free Surfboard if you are ranked #1 by the end of the ASP World Tour 2009. Winners of each Events will win $25 Gift Certificates to Sundown Surf Shop. To Join, just go to or follow the link[/]/ and join the Fantasy Surfer League and look for the Sundown Fantasy Surfer Group and then Join. Please read the rules of Fantasy Surfer and start picking from the Top 44 who you think will dominate this years season opener. Any inquiries please contact [email protected] Thanks and Mahalo, 
Tyler Breuer 
Sundown Ski and Surf 
Could this be you...or is this you...

Doug Milstein was all smiles when he came into Sundown Surf Shop this winter to collect his bounty. Doug had just finished at the top of the Inaugural Sundown Fantasy Surfer Club Year End Ratings and is now crowned the Sundown Fantasy Surf Club Champ! He walked away with a sweet Quiet Flight 5'11" Squash and Two, count them, two FREE Roundtrip tickets to Puerto Rico on Jet Blue. Who wouldn't have a grin ear to ear? 
Doug's consistency on the Fantasy Surfer Tour earned him the win but he also placed well within the top 500 of the overall Surfer Magazine Fantasy Surfer Group, which is huge considering there are over 20,000 participants! Doug had his teams picked for every comp and was on top of it when it counted most, especially in Brazil where almost half of the top 16 were no shows and everyone who wasn't paying attention had have their teams not counted. Obviously Slater was the main pick for everyone's team but the important picks were the lower rung guys who were cheap to purchase for teams. Doug was right on the money for almost every event. Pipe was his crowning Victory and was probably the one event that a lot of people may not have chosen Slater as their top pick. Doug stayed with his tried and true and clinched it. A special note: Slater's surfing at the 2008 Pipe Masters was BullS--t!! Riding a 5'10 in 6-8ft Pipe! That had to be one of the most enjoyable Pipe Masters to watch! IT was also sick to see Wardo break into the finals again. 
Below are some picks The Champ and his new board! The World Tour begins in a couple of weeks. Slater is gunning for 10! The Sundown Fantasy Surf Club will be closing it's doors once the events starts. If you want to have a go at the Sundown Fantasy Surf Club this year, join now because after the second event at Bells, no new members will be able to join! Prizes and the Preview will be released soon. Stay tuned. Congrats to Doug Milstein for killing it this year. The guy is one of the nicest and coolest guys out there. Thank you to everyone who participated in Sundown's Fantasy Surfer Club. We were stoked on everyone's participation and hope to make it bigger next year. 
Sundown Ski and Surf

This Movie has just been done by some out of town poser!

The part about acting humbled and all that is right on the money! (look for that in part 4)
It definitely bums me out when someone comes to NY and lives here for not even a year and tries to exploit the place. This guy once tried to claim to me that he was a New Yorker! F#@% Vice! [email protected]#$ Jake Burghardt!

Best Feature Surf Film: Musica Surfica by Mick Sowry
Best Short Surf Film: Distant Shores by Matt Katsolis
Viewers Choice Award Presented by Jet Blue: The Rocks by Mark Temme

We just wanted to thank everyone who came out and supported the 1st Annual New York Surf Film Festival. We are humbled by everyone's incredible response to the Festival. All the Filmmakers who flew into town were blown away by the NY Surfing Community and our waves! We should all be very proud and stoked to be NY Surfers. Thank you all for your support and Stoke! We hope to see everyone again next year.
Thank you,

The NYSFF Crew

Thanks to Local Boy Pat Conlon,
The New york Surf Film Festival will be holding it's Saturday night after party at Epstein's Bar located @
82 Stanton St
New York, NY 10002
(212) 477-2232

Saturday, September 27, 2008 at 11pm-on.
Red Bull Drink Specials with NYSFF ticket stubs

I hope to see everyone there!

-China Ty

OK! So a few people have offered us their unborn children for tix to a screening of "The Rocks".
Please keep your kids. I'm sure they will all be beautiful but we're just stoked that everyone is so supportive of Temme's Movie.
The screening is for Sunday September 28th at 4pm @ Tribeca Theaters.
Get yer tickets now @
Click on Schedule and scroll to the bottom of the page. That is where you will find the second screening posting!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.
We are truly grateful for everyone's support and stoke!

For anyone who appreciates how surfing can heal, help us escape, and move forward this is the Movie to see...
I think anyone who goes into this movie will leave with a new found appreciation for surfing and life.

Created, Directed and Written by SCOTT BASS. Narrated by acclaimed writer/director John Milius, BETWEEN THE LINES examines the Vietnam War through the prism of the surfing sub-culture. This documentary film offers unique insight into the dramatic effect that the Vietnam War and draft had on young American men who rode waves.

Sunday September 28, 2008  2pm

Separated by a few miles of rolling green hills, Byron Bay and the Gold Coast are two seemingly opposite Australian surf towns. But beneath the surface they are inextricably linked to a multi-billion dollar industry thriving on the commoditization of the surfing lifestyle.


Premiers Saturday September 27, 2008 at 6pm.
The Rasta Footage is unreal!!!
To buy Tickets go to

That's right! You heard it here! When you purchase a ticket to  the NYSFF there will be free unlimited Mixed Rum drinks provided by and for those wino's out there free wine provided by! We want people in the theater hooting and hollering during the films!!!

Just to get you pumped, The Archy Movie Trailer...


Purchase tickets at

You know the Model!!! It's the replica of Occy's Magic board from 1984! The one he rode to fame at Jeffrey's with Tom Carroll surfing Supertubes! The board is in pretty nice shape! Nice amount of beef. I reckon it will go off!
$340 out the door at Sundown.
-China Ty

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