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Hope everyone has been getting on it this week! One of the nicest and most consistent weeks of surf in a long time!

Just got in some sick shred sticks for consignment: If you ever wanted a deal these are them. Super mint condition Merricks came in for a great price! A gem of a Surftech JC SD-3 also came in! Check em out… Click here

6′0 JC SD-3 $349,

6′3 CI $390

6′4 WRV Fish $350

6′6 CI K-board $325

7′4 CI $425

6'0 JC SD-3 Surf Tech height=2406'3 Channel Islands height=2406'4 WRV Quad Fish height=2407'4 Channel Islands height=2406'6 Channel Islands K-board height=240

                Just want to give a shout out to everyone who showed up to the Demo last night! Stoked on the response and the fun waves that were had. Thank you all for the support and showing up! Stay stoked!Sundown Surf Shop

I rode this carbon railed Walden at the last demo and it was insane! So light and maneuverable yet it had a great trim and noseriding was a cinch.
You don't have to be a pro, or enter a contest or sit and watch anything. Just come and try some great and unique boards and have a good time. For more info feel free to call Sundown @ 516-796-1565

The last demo was sick! Everyone just running in trying new boards and having all around good time. Come and check out the Meyerhoffer. I can honestly say that this board works and it's crazy how maneuverable it is but still rode the nose with ease.
Come on down and try out boards from Walden, Webber, 7S, McTavish, Meyerhoffer, Timpone and more...
Thursday July 30th @ 5pm-8pm
L-do Beach West, West Parking lot.

Come on down for the post work surf and try out all types of boards from epoxies to carbon stringers and more...

The Billabong Pro @ J-Bay will be remembered as the event of the year. First, the waves absolutely pumped for most of the contest! The sand bank that formed gave these guys some of the best tubrides seen in competition on a long time. Second, it was the contest that put the nail in the coffin for all other contenders and pretty much secured Parko his first world title. That is unless he has a complete meltdown and get’s 33rds for the rest of the year. And finally, it will be known for the Clash of the Icons Heat between Curren and Occy!
Let’s Just Review the comp quickly. Slater looked on fire in his 3rd round heat against Nic Muscroft. They guy threw away 2 scores in the 9+ range. He looked lie the man to beat until his shocker of a heat against Taylor Knox. It was awave starved heat with Taylor opening up early with a beautiful wave that just suited his surfing perfectly. Then they waves disappeared and Slater decided to wait for the set that never came. Parko’s #1 foe was now out and probably out of contention for the season.
Fanning, and Taj all lost early in shocking heats.  After those two there really wasnt anyone left to challenge Parko for the title. Dane was the biggest threat and he has been having  rough start to the year. Hopefully he can turn things around after this event. His surfing was smooth and clean throughout the contest and after he took out Jordy, Dane became the darkhorse to watch.
Then there was Parko. His surfing was made for this wave! Just perfect smooth buttery goodness all contest long. One of his tens he claimed was one of the best waves of his life. A pretty big claim for the future world champ.  Damien Hobgood was the suprise of the event and made it all the way to the final but you could just see that the momentum was in Parko’s favor. Damo had to fight to get to the final. Parko just cruised, looking confident and pre-destined to win.  And now with this win, the psychological edge is in Parko’s favor.  Parko has a good record at Trestles and I wouldn’t be suprised if we see him at least make the semis and wrap up this title by Spain.
Now for the Clash of th Icons Heat between Curren and Occy. Kudos to Billabong for putting this thing on. It takes a lot of balls to pit your iconic surfer against his rival and risk having them lose and be known as the lesser to Curren. The build up to the heats was going nuts all over the web. Everyone was tlaking about it. But then the heats happened and there was not a peep out of the media. I dont get it. The press releases for the days competition gave 2-3 sentences to their heat and that was it. The heats on demand took forever to get up on the sites.  And there is very little written about the significance of this heat. This could be a new format in surfing for the retired pros. But not a word. Curren took out the first heat with some smooth surfing but the waves really didn’t come for that heat. It was few and far between sets. Then the second heat had better waves but still the ocean didn’t deliver. Still, the surfing was timeless and Occy looked a bit crisper. Curren was smooth but tenative. He looked like he never really had a chance to let go and unleash on the waves. Occy had some good belts off the lip and just sqweaked past Curren by the narrowest of margins to take the second heat and make their overall heat tally 9:9. Looks like Rip Curl is going to have to put these guys up at Bells for a rematch.
As for the Fantasy Surfer Standings, it was “The Big Hurt” who took out the win with a score of 861! The Big Hurt was definitely an underdog. They are currently sitting around the bottom of the rankings at the moment but it looks like they missed the first 4 events. I see a possible catch up the rest of the year.  NYRipper, last year’s overall champ is holding down the lead once again and looking to take the title again this year. Can anyone overtake him. There are a few knipping at his heels. Look out.
The Big Hurt, please reach out to me to collect your prize for the event.  [email protected]
Get set for Trestles next as we run into the homestretch with 4 events back to back. I’m calling for Parko to take it in Spain.
prizegiving4262jbay09cestari_t height=133curren_slater5025jbay09kirstin_bt height=133

Just picked up from our good friends at Bunger Surf Shop a classic Fast Eddie Model and an another unnamed Hannon! Jack's son is going around buying up his father's boards and these are now checked off the list. Gonna send them out in a couple of days but it's sick getting to see and hold history. Thought you all would be stoked on this. They are on display at Sundown for the next few days. 
Also, just want to say a special thanks to the Bungers for preserving NY Surf history.
.IMG_1060 height=240IMG_1063 height=240IMG_1064 height=240IMG_1066 height=240IMG_1065 height=240IMG_1067 height=240IMG_1052 height=240


SOme new JC's just arrived! Sweet deals on some sick sticks! Come down and check em out!!!

Whitewash * NY Premiere *  Thurs., July 16th, 2009
Directed by Ted Woods
70 minutes; 2009 

Narrated by Ben Harper and Tariq "Black Thought" of The Roots. The film Whitewash features music by The Roots and Erykah Badu and is a documentary film exploring the complexity of race in America through the struggle and history of Black surfers. This unique film is told through the eyes of Black surfers from Hawaii, Jamaica, Florida, and California.

Preceded by Christine Turner's "Rubber Soles".

In the Ampitheater behind the Pelham Fritz Recreation Center
at Mt. Morris Park West at 122nd Street

Rain Venue: Inside the Pelham Fritz Center

Live Music at 7:30pm / Film at 8:30pm

Whitewash is presented in collaboration with, the Surf Film Festival and Historic Harlem Parks Film Festival.

View Whitewash Trailer             

JC Hawaii Surfboards will be arriving by the Truckload on Saturday July 18th for a one day only Sundown Surf Shop Tent Sale with JC Hawaii Surfboards! Huge Discounts on clothing under the Tent! Come on down! Gonna be BBQ some burgers and hot dogs!

Next Thursday at 5pm at Lido West we will be demoing the board.
The Meyerhoffer board is not completely original, I have to say. Tom Morey, AKA Y, developed a similiar design a few years ago called the swizzle which was a similar concept but nothing close to as radical. I don't know if Meyerhoffer was aware of the swizzle when he designed his board but it is an interesting concept. the concept is very interesting. I don't think the baord is meant to ride like a nice trimming longboard. It's more for those who like high performance longboarding. I wouldn't poo poo the board yet (no pun intended). Look at all the fish's and other baords like the Simmons inspired casper boards. People used to laugh at those boards at one point.  Have an open mind and see what it's like.

Sundown Surf Shop and Global Surf Industries will be holding a Surfboard Demo on July 16th, 5pm @ Lido Beach West. Try boards from Walden, 7S Super Fish, Meyerhoffer, Timpone, McTavish and More…
Come down and Check out the Meyerhoffers. These boards are crazy looking! Plus, the Walden's and McTavish's are such insane board!  It should be a good time. The demo is free of charge. All you got to do is show up and blow up.

Sundown Surf Shop


After all had counted him out, and were calling for him to retire and leave at the top, the best of the best pulled out yet another surprise this past week.  But let's first go back to Chopes in Tahiti. Slater lost a close heat to Aritz in the 3rd round.  Aritz got lucky and pulled into the few barreling waves of the competition. Slater pulled the move of the comp but the judges were looking for barrels, not inverted upside down counter clockwise lip bashes. And so everyone counted Slater out of the running for the title and had all but claimed he was going to retire. Parko kept the consistency lowing with an equal 9th at Tahiti and looks to be the man to beat still. The big surprise of Tahiti was Bobby Martinez's return to the podium and vaulting him into contention.

Now back to Brazil.  Parko and Fanning were looking strong early on in the comp. Slater was looking out of sync in the early rounds but as the heats wore on, his momentum started to build. On the opposite side of the draw, Adriano De Souza is really starting to make a push for the crown and I think we will see him in contention for a title by next year. The Brazilian had the whole weight of his country on his shoulders and he did not disappoint. He took out Parko very handily. In the Final, Adriano seemed to start with the Rhythm and had it been anyone else, Adriano would have won easily. But he was against Slater and well... Slater  just caught that one good wave (9.27) and took all the wind out of De Souza and that made all the difference.

Slater put the nail int he coffin with 5 min left and  that was it. A brazilian hasn't won a WCT event in Brazil since Peterson Rosa in 98'. Oh well, till next year.

The Question is "Will this win give Slater the motivation he needs to go for 10?" I think we are going to see  a 07' Slater this year. Capable of winning but not really on like Parko or Fanning.  In 07' He won at Trestles and looked like he was back in contention for the title but fell apart quickly after that. Slater needs to not care to win. At this point, he might be relaxing a bit more with the pressure off but you can bet the expectations will be high for him at J-bay, an event he dominates! Expect to see someone hiding behind scaffolding with a lead pipe and waiting for Slater to walk by and pull a Jeff Gullully.  Most Likely it will be a Fanning/Parko henchman.  With that on to J-bay.

In the Fantasy Surfer Sundown Club House Title, NYRippa has inched ahead in the Sundown Fantasy Surfer Club House after this Brazil Event.  NYRippa dominated Tahiti and finished high up there for Brazil. NYRippa is looking to take the title again this year! Can anyone stop him? Well, Firesurf just cuaght fire at Brazil and took the win. Look for him to start applying pressure for J-bay. What will be everyone's strategy. I'm having a hard time picking a team. Jeffrey's has too many variables and goofyfoots tend to be at a disadvantage. Although, the Hobgoods are looking solid and consistent.  Trying to find a lower better priced pro who will do here is difficult. I'm calling Dayan Neve to be a drak horse here. His style suits the wave very nicely with his big power hooks! The other surfer to watch is Adriano De Souza. The kid is on fire and he has a really consistent history at J-bay.  The favorite has to be both Slater/Parko and Fanning. All of won here and all their styles fit the wave very well.  Get your teams together and  cause the comp starts in a few days July 9th.

NYRippa and Firesurf, email me for your prizes!

[email protected]

Cheers and goodluck.

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