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Mine shrank, it fit at first then got smaller every time it dried.
The arms got so small that any wave would flush at the wrist.

That caused the knees to also thin

I sent it back, they sent a new one but the same results.
I have no idea how you ever got a good fit at 160 and 6,4

Im 170 at 6 and a MT is way to short.

Jscott, I don't think the suit shrank, you might have just put on a few pounds... lol


Local boy James Parascandola has his first photo show this Thursday at Lost Weekend. Come on out and show some support for local emerging talent. Congrats James!
 James Parascandola is an outdoor photographer from Long Island, New York. Having spent countless hours in the ocean as a surfer and an artist Parascandola has focused most of his work towards capturing the dramatic beauty of the ocean, surf culture, and travel. Parascandola’s photography captures an array of imagery ranging from NY winter surfing to Central American sunsets.
Parascandola’s work has appeared in The Inertia, Surfline, Eastern Surf Magazine, The Montauk Sun, Slide Magazine, The Surfer’s View and Photographers Forum Magazine (Best of Photography 2013/2014). He has worked with Madere Photography, BMW, Picture Farm, Tomahawk Shades, Hurley, NYSEA, Volcom and Sundown Ski and Surf.
Parascandola’s work will be at Lost Weekend through January 2014. For purchase and inquiry:
Join Lost Weekend NYC for an opening of new photography by James Parascandola
Thursday, November 20th from 7:00-9:00pm.
Cocktails by The Leadbelly
DJ Sets by Jose & Andrew of The Swaai Boys
45 Orchard Street, New York, New York
Lost Weekend is a surf shop in Chinatown, New York.

Come on out! Gonna be an epic time! This Friday Night!

 The 6th Annual Save The Waves Film Festival is an epic evening of live music and international surf films at Lightspace Studios in Brooklyn on 11/14/14.  Underground NYC rockers Slothrust will open the night’s festivities, followed by world premieres of surf, adventure and documentary films.  This event will have a cash bar with offerings from Pacifico Beer, Tito’s Vodka, Suerte Tequila, & Sailor Jerry Rum.The Save The Waves Film Festival is a fundraiser for Save The Waves Coalition and World Surfing Reserves, and all proceeds support their international coastal conservation programs.  **THIS EVENT IS 21 **
6 PM – VIP pre-party and film-maker reception.
7 PM – doors open, live music by Slothrust.
8 PM – short films program.
9 PM – intermission, raffle.
9:30 PM – feature films program.
This event is located at Lightspace Studios,1115 Flushing Ave, 11237, in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn.
Tickets are on sale at:

Save The Waves Film Festival 2014

 Get ready to have your minds blown! Thundercloud is coming to NYC this Friday at Tribeca Cinemas. The film is about that massive day at Cloudbreak. It's going to be off the hook! If you like big waves and a great storyline, check it out! tickets are on sale at

This is a great surf flick. One of the best I've seen of recent vintage, with the appropriate eff you spirit that'd you'd expect from that crew. Flynn Novack -- holy crap.  Also, Andrew Gessler rips.

What's your problem, Brooklyn? Hipsters have no sense of humor? Expected a lot more people.  Many thanks to Tyler for putting this on and to the Dark Fall crew for making surf flicks fun again. Rockaway people, don't miss it, its really funny. Loosen your jeans and shave your beard. Have a little fun, will ya?

Stoked you came out Harry Balzsac! Such a classic film. We need more films like this. Surfing used to be rebellious and this film captures that. The surfing is amazing! Flynn Novack is one of my new favorite surfers. So good! Gesler is ripping and the music was divers and so good! Hope to see more people tonight! Thanks to all who came out!

going to be a last minute call…can you pay at the door?

Yes you can! Tickets are being sold at the door. The doors open at 7pm. Movie starts at 8:30 PM. Live music, and Dubstar might be making a guest DJ set.
Should be good times and good vibes.

I just watched the movie again. It's pretty sick! The footage is great! Flynn Novack doing flips with regularity is pretty amazing. The not so subtle dig at Kai Neville and Chippa Wilson is pretty funnny.
Come by. $4 beers and good times.


Local filmmaker guys like Etan Blatt have been experimenting in LB with the drones and he is one of the most respected LB locals, filmmakers and first responders. He's the farthest thing from being a hipster.

It feels like everyone's knee jerk reaction is to blame hipsters for the worlds ills.
Ebola? Hipsters caused the outbreak. Isis? Hipsters. Flat waves? Hipsters. Gridlock in Congress? Hipsters.

Hilarious. Damien, buy some tickets to the Death to Hipsters premiere. It will be a cathartic release for you.

[/size][size=78%]. [/size]


Hipsters trying to ruin surfing. 

(New York, NY) – SMASH Productions LLC is looking to ruffle a few feathers and completely blow away the New York surf community with the NY tour of Death To Hipsters, a Dark Fall Production. The NY Premiere takes place Wednesday, September 17th, 7PM at Villain, in the heart of the hipster universe, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. An encore screening will screen Thursday, 7PM September 18th, at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club in Rockaway Beach, Queens.
 Join the creators of the award winning surf film Dark Fall, Alex DePhillipo and Andrew Gesler, in this satire filled surf film that evens the score in the “hipster take-over” of the surf world. Watch Flynn Novak, Sam Hammer, Andrew Gesler, and others as they rip surfing out of the coffee shop and back in to the water, as the film sets out to bring Death to the Hipster in all of us…
Starring Andrew Gesler, Flynn Novak, Rich McMullin, Sam Hammer, Rob Kelly, Mike Gleason, Bruce Irons Christian Fletcher, Kalani Chapman, Michael Anthony, Clay Pollioni, Kai Mana Henry, Brittainy Taylor, Mason Ho, Michael Spahr, and more!

-NY Premiere of Death to Hipsters, Wednesday, Sept 17th, 2014 7PM At Villain, Williamsburg Brooklyn:                                          
-Rockaway Beach Surf Club Premiere of Death to Hipsters, Thursday, Sept 18th, 2014 7PM at The Rockaway Beach Surf Club, Rockaway, Queens:

Note from filmmaker: No hipsters were harmed in the making of this film — actually… maybe we lost a couple. If you are offended by this message, stop wearing your sister’s pants, mixing techno music, and get some goddamn help.


It's like the photo attached. You think you are doing a maneuver like the top image but you are really doing the bottom image. We all suffer from Self-delusion from time to time...

I have had the pleasure of working with both Mark and Becker for my shop. I've ordered boards from both shapers and have been super happy with them. They are both stand up guys and great surfers. I have also ordered custom boards from them as well and they have both shaped me some epic boards in a timely fashion.  I agree that the 80/20 rule does come in to effect and you can't please everyone. It's just statistics. It's unfortunate that you had a negative experience with Mark. Mark is great guy and knows his boards and surf history.
I think there is an issue that is coming up more and more as more new surfers enter into surfing and they expect the same level of customer service as they would in many retail locations these days. And that is understandable but, I think many people miss the point of surfing. It's meant to humble you and be respectful of those who have come before you and many of the shapers. I think a lot of people forget that these shapers are craftsmen and artisans. They do everything from marketing, shaping, business, customer service, distribution and many other aspects. It's a really tough profession that pays little in return. I don't think it's unfair to ask some customers to learn patience and be a bit more understanding of these craftsmen. Our society keeps speeding up and fast food culture seems to be taking over peoples mindsets. More and more people want something instantly or yesterday. Surfing is about a process. You can't rush certain things whether it's learning to get to your feet, learning to do airs, or getting a board shaped. If you rush it or force it, it's never going to end up the way you want it. The ocean is a great reminder of that and many beginner surfers and not so beginner surfers lately seem to be missing that point.
With many surf schools and retreats, and more and more wealthy people getting in to surfing, it feels like a lot of people are expecting surfing to be spoon fed to them. And that's not what surfing is about. Many people lack the historical reference of what it was like to learn to surf in the past. Many surfers I know who grew up surfing in the 50's and 60's had to make their own equipment, ride boards without leashes, ride boards that were big, heavy and unforgiving and they all learned to surf no problem with crude equipment. There is no reason why surfers today need the latest and greatest surf aid to teach them how to surf or make surfing easier for them. When things are easy, we lose appreciation of the act of what we are doing.
So, I ask many surfers to learn some patience and tolerance. I believe in great customer service and the salesmen should do everything they can to please a customer but, I also believe that the promise of good customer service doesn't give a customer the right to act out of line or be rude and disrespectful either. Perhaps there was a miscommunication with Mark, and maybe it wasn't exactly what you wanted, but perhaps you as a customer could have approached things in a different way that would have worked out best for both parties concerned. And making the post like this came off juvenile clearly has not worked in your favor. There is a right way to approach things and you could have had more affect had you come across a bit more understanding and sympathetic. I claim to know the situation. I just know there are 3 sides to every story and generally, but not always, everyone has a responsibility in the outcome.

Sorry Dorado. Gotta light you up on this! Epic piece on Dorado by Machemer.

 SMASH Productions is proud to host the World Premiere of Empire Now, an NYSea and Transition Production on Thursday July 17th, at the Villain Space in Williamsburg Brooklyn. NYSea and Transition Productions have teamed up to produce the first ever New York surf thriller.  Empire Now focuses on a magic treasure chest that reveals the hidden surf talents of New York. Sharing the powers of the chest, the surfers together tackle all obstacles and villains along this epic journey.
Using the landscapes and the culture of New York, this new type of surf film combines a fast paced thriller with high action surf. With an incredible mix of surfers from Montauk to Rockaway, Empire Now embodies the carefree personalities of the New York surf community. Watch as some of New York’s best surfers tackle giant barrels, paddling into monstrous waves and towing into giant slabs. This film showcases New York surfer’s pushing the limits.
Filmed in various locations from New York, Hawaii, Indonesia, NJ, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua and Tahiti.
Starring many of New York’s premiere surfers including Kurt Rist, Leif Engstrom, TJ Gumiela, Brian Pollak, Will Skudin, Balaram Stack, Zack Dayton, Tyler Maguire, Cliff Skudin , Dylan Stott and many more. With special guest appearances from NYSEA friends Garret Mcnamara, Kealii Mamala and Tamayo Perry.
Empire Now premieres during New York Surf Week on Thursday, July 17th, 7PM at Villain, 50 N 3rd St, Brooklyn, New York.
Tickets are available at: [url=][/url]  or at the door.

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