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Or trade? PM me.

Used Lost Weekend Warrior surfboard, dimensions are 6'0 - 20.5 - 2.63 36.47L.

In good condition. Includes stock 5-fin set.Typical pressure dents, 1 fin box repaired professionally.
Description here:

Just curious, how many here got that email?
And no, not doing it...

Hi there,
We're writing to let you know that as a Surfline Premium member, you've been selected to apply for a program that is about to revolutionize surf reporting. Together with Trace, the world's leader in surf tracking, we've created Surfline Scout. The Surfline Scout Report is a collection of data from our Surfline Scouts real, qualified surfers in the water incorporated into your daily Surfline surf reports.

weeeeeeee!!! how many views????

Lost Seaworthy quad set in excellent condition, yellow and solid glass (not honeycomb but same shape as these):

PM with your email of phone# for pictures.

Or looking to trade for AM2 or EA techflex.

 O'Neill Reactor, size 6, my son who's turning 7 outgrew it, in great shape, rinsed properly after every use, used maybe 10 times or so.

Prices is firm, PM if interested, located in Williamsburg, or can meet in Soho during the week.

Just picked up a board which had this on:

I am ready for that extra spray... :D

or not.

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