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both at the same time.....

And on top of it, isn't it your birthday, too, Northstreet?

Damn...I would love to surf...its been tooooo long. But not as much as I would love this to be over.

Consider donating them to your local High School surf team! I think there are 14 schools in NJ plus Long Beach HS in New York, and the teams can either use the gear or perhaps sell of your stuff as a fundraiser for their events.

Saw some show up from jersey and just a couple from points north on Insta, but not nearly as many as I was expecting either. If anyone finds a good link, post it up!

So it ended up that Dorian couldn't quite get us to the finals, but it was a helluva lot of fun working the event and watching these surfers in both good and diminishing conditions. We went for the lay day on Monday and finished Tuesday, finals day held up alright as the winds cooperated.

Rumor has it that it's a three year contract, and while it's not written in stone, they (the WSL) had a very positive experience and are looking to come back. Fingers crossed!

I'll take a look - shoot me a PM - from what I can see already, there's a few gems in there. The board with the red fin int he first image may be a Con Colburn, perhaps a competition model, but hard to see exactly. The D fin on the board above that is interesting and extraordinarily beautiful, I recall seeing a Hap Jacobs some years ago with something similar.

Not sure how great I'll be on pricing, but I might be able to help a bit.

Retro cast: It was good some places in the NY NJ Surf region yesterday morning, particularly if your beach faced east or bent toward the east.

I, unfortunately, spent my time facing south, which was mostly very fast, reasonably heavy closeouts.  :-\

Hate to cry about this but the sandbars have been getting worse in many of the places that were pumped last year.  Hasn't been much swell so I'm not sure what will happen when proper waves come through but used to be at least fun on 2-3ft swell.

Now it kind of breaks on the beach even at low tide. Looks like it gets worse as the swell period gets longer. Hoping sand keeps moving and changes things for the better.

Long Beach is a hunt right now. Some beaches are actually alright at times, others aren't breaking at all. It's all about watching which jetties are working on the different winds, tides and swell directions and which ones never work anymore no matter what the conditions.

Ha - read parts of the thread - found this funny  ;D ;D

It was pretty wonky the few days leading up to this unexplained outage - the data was way off. Hope they're working on it and hopefully it's back up soon - until now, it's always been reasonably reliable.

I've got a handful of boards that all need a little TLC - nothing major, but figured I'd just remind myself of the basics. Stumbled across this site that seems to cover it pretty well and has some tips that may seem obvious to most of us, but are really good lessons for those newer to the sport

Click here ----->

Curious that the site doesn't recommend using duck tape as a stop gap, not because it doesn't work, but because it makes it harder for the ding repair person to clean the site and prep it for repair - I've always done it and never had a problem. Eh, I guess there's something to it, but I never really found it a problem.

Much more fun this afternoon than I expected - a little too windy, a little too closey, but pretty consistent chest high and all sorts of fun if you grabbed the right one. Got a handful on what might be my new favorite board...

Welcome to summer 2019 - nice way to kick it off - hope y'all have a great one.

 ;D ;D

First - my apologies to all users for the recent spate of spam posts a that have occurred in recent weeks, and the terrible spate of them we suffered about 2 weeks ago now. I especially want to apologize to our followers on Twitter and Facebook who periodically have had to deal with literally dozens of spam posts from here showing up on their facebook and twitter feeds. I truly apologize.

So - I have taken several steps to keep spammers and spam bots from registering on here and successfully posting. I will not mention specifics, as I don't want to provide a roadmap for getting around the firewalls, so to speak - but I will ask a favor of all of you:

If someone or some bot DOES successfully break through and post a spam post, please please PLEASE send me a quick email at [email protected] or, if you have my cell, shoot me a quick text? I will address it as quickly as I humanly can and I will look at it to find out where the hole in defense is, and close it up.

Thanks for your understanding and assistance, and again my apologies!

Nice little run of surf so far in June - nothing epic of course, but considering June is historically our worst month, I'll take it!

Hope you're all finding some waves, too.


How the hell did I miss the paddle out? I heard nothing! :(

My apologies, Ray - I didn't get word up on here on time.  :-\

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