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Ha - read parts of the thread - found this funny  ;D ;D

It was pretty wonky the few days leading up to this unexplained outage - the data was way off. Hope they're working on it and hopefully it's back up soon - until now, it's always been reasonably reliable.

I've got a handful of boards that all need a little TLC - nothing major, but figured I'd just remind myself of the basics. Stumbled across this site that seems to cover it pretty well and has some tips that may seem obvious to most of us, but are really good lessons for those newer to the sport

Click here ----->

Curious that the site doesn't recommend using duck tape as a stop gap, not because it doesn't work, but because it makes it harder for the ding repair person to clean the site and prep it for repair - I've always done it and never had a problem. Eh, I guess there's something to it, but I never really found it a problem.

Much more fun this afternoon than I expected - a little too windy, a little too closey, but pretty consistent chest high and all sorts of fun if you grabbed the right one. Got a handful on what might be my new favorite board...

Welcome to summer 2019 - nice way to kick it off - hope y'all have a great one.

 ;D ;D

First - my apologies to all users for the recent spate of spam posts a that have occurred in recent weeks, and the terrible spate of them we suffered about 2 weeks ago now. I especially want to apologize to our followers on Twitter and Facebook who periodically have had to deal with literally dozens of spam posts from here showing up on their facebook and twitter feeds. I truly apologize.

So - I have taken several steps to keep spammers and spam bots from registering on here and successfully posting. I will not mention specifics, as I don't want to provide a roadmap for getting around the firewalls, so to speak - but I will ask a favor of all of you:

If someone or some bot DOES successfully break through and post a spam post, please please PLEASE send me a quick email at [email protected] or, if you have my cell, shoot me a quick text? I will address it as quickly as I humanly can and I will look at it to find out where the hole in defense is, and close it up.

Thanks for your understanding and assistance, and again my apologies!

Nice little run of surf so far in June - nothing epic of course, but considering June is historically our worst month, I'll take it!

Hope you're all finding some waves, too.


How the hell did I miss the paddle out? I heard nothing! :(

My apologies, Ray - I didn't get word up on here on time.  :-\

The paddle out was really something.  Words from the heart, an oystercatcher circled us, pod of dolphins cruised by, a mama and baby whale, and we all caught a wave in the flower-strewn lineup (in no particular order).  I think Tim would have been delighted.

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It was a great turnout for one of the most unique people the world will ever see - and perhaps the best paddle out I have ever participated in. So many words from the heart were spoken. NYHC_Boarder lives on in all of us.

Holiday weeks are always good for catching up on things, and this one gave me the chance to catch the latest episode of Swell Season Radio, featuring our very own @Seppo1 and his co-host, Ben Pomeroy. With no official guest for the week, Tyler "interviewed" Ben, but in reality, it kind of felt like I was sitting in on a couple of friends simply talking surf and life and stuff and just having a good conversation - it was a very enjoyable listen. At multiple points I felt myself wishing I was in the studio live with them so I could join in the conversation!

They guys are off for the holidays and will back on 2019 with all new weekly episodes that air on Tuesdays from 8-9PM live from Wax studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn - you can catch the live broadcast on their website: ....or.....

You can do what I do and catch up with them on Spotify - simply search Swell Season Radio -

You can also catch them on multiple other media outlets, including SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube, if that's what you prefer.

Give the guys a listen - you'll thank me for it!

Sorry, just checking back now. Keep us updated on the spring paddle out.

Will do, @nydubstar - as soon as there are details, we'll post them here and across social media.

Looks like you need to copy and paste. Itís not recognizing it as an actual link

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Here you go:

Anyone have any knowledge on the jersey guys too? Mencel, DaveySky??


Check out the S Curve:


What a crappy way to get a Flea reunion...

Indeed.  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(


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A well written remembrance - thanks for posting the link, @Dorado .

See y'all tonight.  :'(

It looks to me like Krut at one point complied all these into one thread - hilarious, esp if you know the characters involved. I'm resurrecting this thread in loving memory of NYHC - who had a piece in a lot of these parody songs and the moments that inspired them!

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