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Bought the 3mm Solite LTD boots around the holidays in preparation for 3mm season, but am opting to stick with my Xcel's. They are size 10, with the socks, worn 3 times, rinsed thoroughly every time. These are by far the lightest boots I've ever owned. You can re-mold them as many times as you want using the hot water process. I paid $70+, selling for $40.

Captain Fin Thruster Futures set size medium, used but in decent shape, selling for $30.

Stock pics attached, because I have been meaning to post this stuff for months just always remember when I am at my office and the gear is at home. Message me if interested and I will send you actual pics. Open to trades for new size 10 3 or 5mm size 10 boots. Located in Asbury Park area.

thank you! just signed up now  :)

Looking for something around a 9.0 single fin. If the price is right, board is clean, and it's close to the Asbury are I'm interested. This will be to replace an old log I currently have but will be looking to move before summer. I am not interested in boards that need repairs, mid-length's, or fun shapes.

Good luck with the sale, I just sold my mini simmons yesterday at the BeachHouse boardswap.

I'd trade you for my locally shaped 5.2 mini simmons (we traded emails last month) plus cash ;)

 I've always wanted a Bing!

42mm Nixon 100m waterproof watch. Color is black, as shown. Manufacturer warranty good 2 years from January 2019. Brand new in the box, retails for $200, just not going to use it. Super nice watch but I prefer my other Nixon. Open to trades for various surf gear, or of course cash - asking $140.

got a 5.2 mini locally NJ shaped but its a twin (FCS), i might be willing to part with it if you are interested.

spoke to the shaper and decided I am going classic keel twin, stoked! he said if i don't like it give back and he'll make me a quad  ;D

getting one, but having a tough time deciding quad or twin! it will be my first fish. closet thing i have to one is my a 5.2 mini simmons twin locally shaped in NJ, and i love it. truly a fun board, fast, loose and almost reminds me of a skateboard. it's the board i grab when i get tired of lugging my log to the beach and its waist high with a little push. then i have a 5.7 thruster and 6.0 thumbtail 5 fin option, those boards for the bigger better days. and a couple logs. at first was like twin all the way, classic fish! then i started thinking well i have a twin that i love already, but i don't have a quad i love. shaper says twin looser and a bit slower, quad faster and less loose. right, still cannot decide tho! i plan on riding it in waist to chest days.  ugh why can't i just get both  ;D

right now i am leaning towards a 5.3 ish quad. thoughts? someone change my mind? i surf asbury area in NJ.

Anyone have any knowledge on the jersey guys too? Mencel, DaveySky??

As far as the Monmouth County NJ shapers... I know people with Mencel fish (and mini simmons) and they love them. Can't go wrong with Rozbern either. Google Josh Kerr ripping on one of his fish. GUNN is making me a fish this spring, he's in the Asbury area. Look for GUNN on instagram!

Chest zip, premium Japanese neoprene, charcoal color. Brand new, never used, but tags removed. Does not fit me. My loss is your gain, this is a $200 wetsuit new, asking $110. Shipping available at buyers expense. I am in the Asbury Park area.



My good friend and shaper GUNN SURFBOARDS (located in Ocean Township NJ) is raising money to run in the NYC Marathon this year. All money he raises will go to a non-profit called JAR OF Hope:
They are an organization that raises funds to find a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy To help raise funds, he's raffling off two custom boards after the marathon. Every $10 donated is another entry to win. $100 = 10 entries. He's had a few corporate donations, so the odds of winning are even higher this year.

Check out GUNN SURFBOARDS on Instagram to see what amazing work he does. If you are interested in donating, and possibly winning a custom board, here's the link. Thanks and good luck![/color]campaign/gunn-surfboards/[/size]

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