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1. Use hard cases.
You know that travel hard cases are designed to protect your surfboard while traveling.

2. Arrive early to the airport.
The check-in process can take too long, be prepared with some time in advance for any oversized luggage.

3. Ask for an adequate transportation service.
You might need some extra space for your ride and sometimes taxi cabs don't provide it. Ask for an airport shuttle or a private SUV to get suitable space for your equipment.

4. Check baggage requirements and airline conditions.
Each airline has different baggage conditions including weight allowance, dimensions, number of bags, charges and extra fees. Call the airline directly or visit their website to seek clarification on requirements before making your reservation.

5. Find a Surfer Friendly Bro Airline.
Most of the following airlines include a surfboard as part of your regular bag allowance and let that sled fly for FREE.
KLM (NEW 2015)
Virgin (Europe)
Interjet (Mexico)
Qantas (Australia)
South Africa (duh)2
Air New Zealand
Singapore (New to bro list 2015)

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