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go through joey clams. go local. no shipping. 

got 1 finally

firewires are cool
 and so are wax buddys

i ride the dominator as a thruster. no desire to try it as a quad. its my everyday board everything from knee to a little overhead. its super light, its a tiny bit wide than id prefer but its very fun. from what i have been reading a lot of people seem to like the quad set up. 

i have a 5'6 dominator. its very fun 

AI checking out a clams design and approving

rad dude. made my day when he hooted me at autumn, i was so f'ing stoked. homeboy was all good vibes. RIP.

your only 4 years late fellas

who are you kidding you flake? your girlfriend/wife/mistress will tighten up that leash faster then you can say shalom  :-*  who loves ya baby?! 

ya i was thinking that but its a little peculiar 

uuhhh is that sarcasm? mike detemple is not a rockaway local, unfortunately 

Mayor is right, my Billabong guy says it was AI's posse as he is in town signing at the Bong store in Times2

He's going to be at the screening of his film tonight too, which will be a zoo of non-surfing celebs & surf wannabes, just like all the other Bong events....but don't get me wrong, I've had a blast at those events, right UNCLE and Boyee??  ;D ;D ;D ;D

I was asked to do the premiere but got the rug pulled on me last minute - what ev's  ::)
haha you have a guy at billabong, i knew you were gettin different in your old age.   sandon wont be to stoked on this news!  ;)

that is a pretty old ftw website. bobbys a good dude with good intentions. and can surf very well

recession= quick turn arounds?  

SICK! just got the new 5'5 vid. such an epic film

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