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Larry Mabile DT Fish 6'2 20.75 2 5/8 (but bladey!) Brand new, never surfed, but waxed. $550 with PC7 hexcore set

6'6 20.5 2 5/8 Russ Short B3. Clean. $625. One small ding on rail professionally fixed. Can't find it if you didn't know it was there. Pictures were taken 4/25

[6'1 21 2 5/8 Octafish. Clean. small reef nick on runner repaired $550

All pictures are of current condition.

DK Swordfish: 6'1  20 1/4  2 5/8  Long beach  $400 Condition is as in pics.



$80 Located in Long Beach for pickup

Great condition & ready to go.


61 x 20 9/16 x 2 5/8 36-38 liters Rozbern sprout  $450
Used a handful of times, just too much overlap in my quiver.  John's a great guy building boards over here in asbury park.  Shapes all the trimcraft boards as well in the area.
No dings/repairs made or needed.

From the site:
The Sprout has a more pulled in nose to allow for top to bottom surfing in critical waves, excelling in everything from knee high slop to overhead barrels, making it a great one board quiver or travel companion.Ideal surf report 2-6ft and ripableSession mindset- Flowing, but shredding

CL Link:

$65 for local pickup in Long Beach.  Can ship if necessary.

PM if interested.

Carver c7 trucks on  a custom shaped deck, will also include beat up original deck if you want.

Just put brand new 70mm wheels and bones bearings on it. Makes a great cruiser to check the Surf or pump around.


Located in Long Beach - $75

Posting from my phone...

Shoot me a pm for my number and Ill text pics.

Hoping to get feelers on a 5'10 x 21 x 2.6 ~ 40l Stretch quadfish in CFT.  Awesome condition - Looking to get $450 pretty firm.

Pretty open to trades for boards in similar condition. - Bonzers,Hulls, fish, single fins, etc.  Have a ton of shortboards so looking to add some alt shapes to the quiver.

how to upload pics


$65  All large. Picked up a quad fish and new step up both futures I'll need fins for.

For sale/trade
Futures AM2 Yellow Honeycomb
FCS Stretch SF4 Honecomb (Thruster)
FCS MB-5 Yellow Honeycomb

Looking for:

Large Futures Stretch Buzztrollers
Biolos Futures Template
+ Open to other ideas

6'6 20 20.75  Cole X10 Step-up
-rail channels
-6/4 glassing
-5 fin FCS
-black rails

Makes an awesome winter/stepup/hurricane/travel board.  Selling it to make room for other boards.

2 professional repairs done.   One ding the size of stick of Orbit gum(happened from taking a spill in the house), the second repair the leash plug pulled out a little on a nasty wipe out during Joaquin so had to put it back in.  It's stronger than new at this point.  Can send detailed pics.



6'3 x 20 1/4 x 2 3/4 Cole loose cannon. 36-37 Liters.   5 fin boxes fcs,works best as a quad.  Rail channels, down rails which are very foiled out. All poly with strong  6/4 glassing on top, few heel dents on the deck but no cracks. Only issue is the very tip of the (1/2 inch) nose broke off after taking a spill in the house, it was re built and can send pictures via text.

$275 & open to trades
. Located in LB. 

Creatures 6'6 double board bag.  Good condition, no tears zippers and straps all work.  I can text pics if you pm me your number.

$50 Located in Long Beach


Looking to get a 7'0 triple bag.


6'3 x 20 1/4 x 2 3/4 Cole loose cannon.  5 fin boxes futures, meant to be ridden as a quad.  Rail channels, down rails, he tweaked the rocker on this to gear it for better waves. All poly with strong  6/4 glassing on top, very few pressures dents on it from heels & no cracks.  Solid winter board

. Located in LB.  Can text  more pics at request.


Selling a custom 5'10 x 22 x 2.5 ish skate deck Album Doom. Board comes in around 39-40 liters, and was ordered to be a groveler

Only minimal heel dents which are visible in the pictures, etc. Grey resin tint. 5 Fin Futures. Fins not included. Controllers work best.

Can't get these off the rack.  Cl link and more pics

$425 located in lb & open to trades


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Sold - Please delete

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