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Dubstar's Mandala may fit the bill.... Epic quadfish  - don't let dims fool you, it's very thinned out and floatwise is right on the money of where you're looking for float.

I also have a DK for sale - quadfish.  DK shaped under pavel and makes one of the best speed dialers out there... the swordfish is basically a v. high performance version of the speeddialer/quan.   This probably around 34-35L

DK Swordfish: 6'1  20 1/4  2 5/8  Long beach  $400 Condition is as in pics.


Nice stick! too bad its a bit small for me otherwise I'd scoop it right up

Got in for an hour and a half.  Decent size in the right spot.  Sick of the cold, especially when changing.  This one dude was charging without a hood on the whole time he was out, no idea how...

 T-minus 1 month till 12 days in warm CR though.


The bottom feeder I had was a bit big at 6'0 compared to the 5'8 ggbuzz to keep that in mind when reading.  The bf got into waves a bit earlier, generated a ton of speed and could be surfed aggressively. It had a wider range than the ggbuzz ... Espessily on the low end. If your looking for a pure grovler bf wins.

The ggbuzz worked really well on the smaller stuff too, but needed a bit more rider input. It took late drops well, probably due to the size. Really was great in waists to chest mush. Skate deck is really cool too. I could see how fun a mr buzz could be as an all rounder.

Over all I liked the bottom feeder better bc it fit the bill of pure grovler on the east coast a bit better and I've seen dudes ripping on them when I have my normal short board out, so they definitely have a great range.

That being said I custom ordered an album doom in 5,10 to fit the bill. We'll see how it goes. My only day out was last sat on hh and punchy waves. Not exactly grovel conditions and I did a brown trout wax job - sliding all over the place. Will post a review once I ride it a bit more.

Matt just posted the shot of the previously mentioned custom album doom ordered around 12/15 on instagram.  so stoked to see it in person! this is replacing the G-buzz that's currently on sale by John-O and a bottom feeder. 

Futures fins, pretty beefy.  Will take some more pictures shortly

FYI - I have a 6'0 and I'm 6'1 x 210-215 and I have to admit I should have gone to the 5'10.  5'8 should be fine for you.   Normal shortboard is in the range of 36-38l and my bottom feeder is def over 40l

Changing out the fins really brings the board to life - currently using Robert's fronts and controller rears in high tide slopey waves and loosens things up quite a bit.  Always throw the controllers in for drive in the small small stuff.

great board - you won't be disappointed

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