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SOLD: Hobie Peter Pan Slug, 94, 23 1/2, 3 1/4 Longboard. Wood laminated tail block. This is in excellent condition and watertight with one minor ding professionally repaired at the Hobie Shop last year. They re-glassed the fin box and inspected the whole board at the same time.  Freshly waxed and ready to ride. Located in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Price is $575.00 with two fins.

Since I don't have an outside clothesline, or the like, I made a rack out of PVC pipe to hang my wetsuit on while I wash it off and let it dry. About $10 worth of stuff from Homedepot. I made a storage rack for my S2000's hardtop which works pretty well and saved a ton of money over buying Honda's rack.

Here I go again.   ::)   If anyone is using (or did use) a Hobie Retro Classic, especially 9'6", tell me how you like it. Is it good for a beginner? I think I will ditch the softboard-for-learning idea, as more folks are suggesting learning on the board I'll be using instead of a softboard. I'm now considering the Retro Classic or Peter Pan Slug (I'm a Hobie fan). Thanks for putting up with me.  ;)

First post. I didn't see this specific info. anywhere, so I thought I'd ask. I've also started reading through the Etiquette threads; seems like mostly common sense, and I don't want to get in anyone's way when I get started next summer.

When I say "Really Old Guy" I'm talking late 60's.  :)   People tell me I'm not too old to learn to surf (bless their hearts) and I'm in fairly good shape. I'm 5' 10" and weigh 180-185 lbs. I've read some threads that recommend starting with a used poly. board, which makes sense, while some at the local shops have suggested a softboard, also makes sense. I'm thinking 9'6", 23ish" wide, and 3ish" thick for a polyurethane. For the softboard, one shop suggested an 8'0" would be long enough for me while another shop said to go with a 9'2". I'm leaning toward a softboard for the first season (or part of it) and then buying new. Brian Wynn's 'factory' (for lack of a better term) is in my hometown, and I've heard great things about him, although I'm not planning custom made, just one of his off the rack. I'm also awful fond of the Hobie name among others.

I'd love to hear some advice on which board and what length for me and, of course, any advice in general. I would surf Ocean City or Sea Isle City. Thanks, folks.

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