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SOLD: Hobie Peter Pan Slug, 94, 23 1/2, 3 1/4 Longboard. Wood laminated tail block. This is in excellent condition and watertight with one minor ding professionally repaired at the Hobie Shop last year. They re-glassed the fin box and inspected the whole board at the same time.  Freshly waxed and ready to ride. Located in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Price is $575.00 with two fins.

I bought the fan hanger. you can prob find it on amazon or ebay. I also use boot warmers for my booties and gloves and that works fantastic.

I think I will do that instead of making one. The other hanger looks like a good idea for later; right now I don't have boots, gloves, etc.

I have one of those fan hangers for the suits, it works really well.

Did you buy it or make it?

Sweet! No go find a 12v fan and a battery pack and rig up a drier

Funny you should mention that. Being a pushover for gadgets I was going to make one after seeing a YouTube video. The fan he found at Walmart for about $6 now is at least $20 everywhere, but still OK and battery powered. Next project.

Thanks, everyone.

75JBass, thanks for a good deal. In the shop right now to have that ding fixed up and a checkup. Best of luck on your move.

Handy stuff, isn't it? 

An update. I changed my mind on the softboard when I found a Hobie Peter Pan Slug in nice shape close by. It's 9'4" (I was looking for a 9'6", but I don't think 2" will make much difference.) 23 1/2" and 3 1/4". Took it to a shop in O.C. to have a ding on the bottom checked out and an overall checkup. All agreed it was well taken care of.

Since I don't have an outside clothesline, or the like, I made a rack out of PVC pipe to hang my wetsuit on while I wash it off and let it dry. About $10 worth of stuff from Homedepot. I made a storage rack for my S2000's hardtop which works pretty well and saved a ton of money over buying Honda's rack.

Thanks, 75JBass; I sent a PM.

Here I go again.   ::)   If anyone is using (or did use) a Hobie Retro Classic, especially 9'6", tell me how you like it. Is it good for a beginner? I think I will ditch the softboard-for-learning idea, as more folks are suggesting learning on the board I'll be using instead of a softboard. I'm now considering the Retro Classic or Peter Pan Slug (I'm a Hobie fan). Thanks for putting up with me.  ;)

Thanks NNW... I went to Heritage (Ocean City) and also got some good advice. Turns out an XLS fits me best and I ended up buying an O'Neill Hammer S/S Springsuit and an O'Neill Psycho 1 3/2 full suit. Called O'Neill and they happily canceled the order I placed with them. I also asked the best way to store them for the winter, since I don't have room to lay them out flat. They said it's perfectly fine to just hang them in the closet with the wide-ish hanger each came with. They said it won't hurt the shoulders at all as long as they are dry. No need to cover them, just hang 'em. I'm planning to make a hanging rack with PVC pipe from Home Depot to hang the suit on outside while I wash the salt, sand, etc. after using them.

Thanks also, waterboy. I've heard good things about that Hobie Peter Pan Slug, and that had also been on my list. Maybe I'll take a second look at that one. I've heard Hobie has been making it for a long, long time so it must be pretty good. It sounds like it's a good all-arounder.

Can anyone else comment on this one or any Hobie model? What about the Uncle Buck?

Thanks NNW... Just to be clear you think a L/S Spring suit is the way to go? Is a L/S still pretty useful during the summer for long times in the water?

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Just thinking about it. Ha Ha. I ordered an L and an XL O'Neill Superfreak 3/2 Full suit from their site (local shop didn't have O'Neill full in stock). I'll check the fit and can return one for a full refund. I'm too new to know much about the various brands, so I figured I would stick with one I know for now. As far as a spring suit, do you guys recommend long or short sleeve? My upper body and arms feel the cold, in general, more than my legs, but if L/S is too restrictive, maybe S/S is the way to go. Geez, I have soooooooooo much to learn.   :)

Thanks. That's good advice. I would prefer the freedom of a spring suit (as opposed to "full"), but not sure it would be warm enough for the 65*ish water temps in June. What do most of you folks wear that time of year?

I'm glad I stumbled onto this forum; so many helpful people.

Thanks for the advice. I decided a softboard was a good idea; I bought a 9'0" yesterday. Next a full wetsuit, since I really hate being cold, softracks for the HHR, a Stay Covered leash, and so on. Of course it will be June before I get to use any of this stuff.   :(   Not to get too far ahead of myself, but I like the Hobie (remember I'm partial to the Hobie brand) 9'4" Performance Nose Rider for when (if) I'm ready for a legit board. Any thoughts on that one?

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