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I am trying to find out for other purposes, if it gets used somewhere it would be a shame for him to not get credit.

anybody know who this is surfing on the west side at around 3 i think.

yeap.. I shot water again in the afternoon at the same spot but it was pretty crappy

Photos by Greg Travers. Myself and Mike Andosca scorin some solo in NY

Mike Andosca

Evan Conway

added a few other shots to the 2007 NJ & NY galleries

Some fun ones came in this morning.

Thats all for now. I am working on getting the new site up soon. Hopefully in the next week or 2

check it out here...

New Jersey 4/16 NOREASTER

I took shot #9, stoked surfline ran it. The guy paddling out ended up bailing and getting lipped more twords the shoulder.. The place was breaking in waist high water so it can be pretty tough to get under waves like that.

These are just a few.. theres a few more up on the site right now so check them out.

If all goes well I will have a link with my real shots up soon.

Well we found something that looked like an empty wave today. nobody in sight... gnarley ones all day.

I am still editing photos from the last swell but heres a few.

mike andosca

Heres a bunch.

Nelson and...

Unidentified cuttin' it close.

Balarams smallest wave all day.

Baldwin under a slab.


I saved the good ones but theres some more up on the

I haven't posted on here before but we just finished up this issue. Check it out.

Mini Mag Issue #1

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