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Thanks guys. The first shot is a bomb wave, probably a mile or more out there. I have to update the site but I am flying back to NY this weekend so it might have to wait a few days.

Check out my blog theres a couple others.

and box I uploaded a few to the DP

Somewhere along the banks...

Tons of shots in this one. All 11/3 & 11/4

photogs: Evan Conway, Jon Hoyler, Ashley Fava and Tom Connolly

full sequences..
fullscreen display
check it out..

We have 100+ photos in here.. NJ Fall/Spring check it out

Photogs: Evan Conway, Ashley Fava, and Jon Hoyler.
Dates: 4/16/07 & 10/20/07
Loc: New Jersey
Presented by: Red Dawn Productions

Got a bunch up in the Galleries section...Check it out and let me know what you think

thanks for the feedback, stoked you liked them.. it was maybe chest high? random groundswell pulse that would randomly show something a little bit bigger. that same swell might still be in the water.

yesterday AM...

no crowds here

Tom Connolly

Just figured I'd use one thread to post my shots in..

Morning session today

Night session..

this one was a favorite so I am throwing it up now, I will have a bunch from throughout the day up soon..

Going to get all the other stuff back up in the galleries and add a few from yesterday... heres one for now

I will get a few more up later

Thats Tim Tice and he paddled right back out after getting wrecked.. Some more shots of him in the gallery too.

Dumps/Southside. These are from last fall. lots more on the site.

check the gallery out..

Finally got this done. Give it a look and let me know what you think...


Thanks Will....

Uploaded some shots from the past few days in the gallery.

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