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glad you guys scored some to yourself as well. crowd was super thin.

thats good new for me as I am moving to California on 12/26 ::) .. maybe I will be able to get up there to check it out and get some shots. I've never seen Mavericks break in person before :o

I put a post together of shots from thanskgiving eve. Some sick brown kegs rolled through right before dark. Check out the full feature here..


I have posted a small gallery featuring the early run of surf we had at the beginning of the month here in New York as well as a couple of other shots from a trip I took to the West Coast and a freaky planetary alignment.. check out the site for more..

Thanks onefin, and I am stoked you guys liked the shots, plenty more to come.

I realized today that I have not yet posted my Hurricane Irene shots from the storm and flooding in New York and the Surf and Solid swell in new Jersey. Here is a gallery containing photographs from everything Irene. There are 50+ photos for your viewing pleasure in this gallery. Enjoy the Storm.
Hurricane Irene Gallery by Red Dawn Productions

A quick gallery I put together during yesterdays early season frozen weather that I am sure we will be seeing much more of in the near future..
 Check it out Here...

Hurricane Katia and Quiksilver Pro coverage by Red Dawn can be found at the following link:

Waves like this being attacked by the worlds best surfers...

been a little busy, better late than never!

I figured on the topic of heavy. I would share these 2 images of heavy ass waves.  the first one was saturday, the second one is my friend getting better aquanted with a square barrel

The death pits are the most fun to shoot for me because they have all sorts of personality inside and out.

Idk man, all I remember is chillen in the pit. Thats what I'm after anyways.

and if its too heavy for you here, by all means surf over there ;)

Got about a dozen shots similar to this one up on the website, Follow this link to check them out!
any feedback appreciated


Thanks for the kind words everyone. I'm stoked to hear people appreciating the site.

I am planning on getting a gallery together and released on this week but you can always check the blog for shots and story @

Heres 2 shots taken from the blogposts made yesterday

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