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Live now- Balaram Stack's heat is on NOW

Da Hui Backdoor Shootout: Day Five

I know Alex has his boys swimming, but if I may do some bragging-

Remember ‘giggle girl’ on the boogie board from a few years ago?

My niece Ciara (who is now 7) just made the Swim Team at her School in Queens. She told me she now want to gets to the “real” waves this year!
So once I get back on my feet and into the water after this latest gallbladder incident, I’ll have my partner in waves!

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Volcom Pipe Pro is now live...

not the prettiest Pipe by any stretch..

The board mentioned in an earlier post is now available. As mentioned- A Ricky Carroll 9' 2x1 Longboard in great shape. Barely used as far as I can tell. Minor pressure dings on deck, and I am told there is a minor chip on a rail near the nose. It is part of a package including the Board, Travel Bag, Leash and Fins. Pictures are now available and attached.

Located in Maspeth, NY- pickup is definitely preferred but a drop off in Rockaway or Long Beach is possible if absolutely necessary.

Complete package is priced @ $650 (which I think is a really good deal, since the bag itself isn't cheap). Plenty of waves on the way, so don't miss out!!

Contact Chris at [email protected]

Just got wind of a board that will be for sale shortly by a co-worker. Ricky Carroll Longboard 2x1 in what looks like very good shape. I will have more info later, as well as photos to post with dimensions. Only dim missing is the actual length but looks to be approx 9' (give or take) based on height of gutters and door in photos I have seen. If I can get him to measure it, I will post that up as soon as I can. We are doing research to try and come up with a good price. He doesn't want to gouge, but he also doesn't want to GIVE it away. It has the fins, as well as leash and a bag ARE included.

He brought it to my attention because he didn't want to go through CL or eBay and such, figuring I would know people or might want to make an offer. It's out of my price at the moment, plus I have a small apartment and an even smaller car...

To be honest, the pics look really good- he did describe a couple of small pressure dings, though.

Small Update:

There is a small chip on a rail near the nose.

Is live now!!!

Wil Skudin's heat is on now...

Man, really needed to seek out the correct sandbar yesterday. Drive out to central looked bleak along OP. Two known spots were basically flat on the high side of the tide. Final destination was better, but still not quite working. Took a walk and found what I wanted. A little bar with a slight kink in it at just the right depth and angle to hold all the way through as the tide dropped. Some closeouts on the largest sets, but for the most part, nice zippers grinding along with several exits possible. Not big- maybe chest on the infrequent sets, but consistent waist high throughout the morning. But apart from the actual waves, conditions were dreamlike. Offshore wind that stayed offshore all morning (about 4 hours in water), sunny, and clearest water for awhile. And nobody else out... at least at that spot. Lemmings certainly out at the other recently developed seemingly popular sandbar to the west, but conditions there weren't as good.

<Aussie vox> "you guys really missed it..." Almost precisely at 9:30am, wind turned on shore and crossed it all up. Before that, pretty sweet on a good tide at one of my sandbars in central. Then walked 18 holes. I think my legs might fall off...

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Yeah, I know... spongers... But it's prime Teahupoo

Yes, the CRV has done its job, and done it fairly well. But it's time for a new Surf Exploration Veehickle... went with a '17 Subaru Crosstrek in Silver. A tad smaller but probably a bit more able in certain situations. Plus, way better mileage.

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...Fall waves are all about. No need to go into all the sordid details if you got out. The usual crowd scene at a popular LB Boulevard. 2 or 3 blocks away an empty jetty all to myself for a couple of hours. I will give some kudos to the gaggle of groms that paddled out as a bunch later on. I certainly expected the worst, especially needing to be in a slightly more inside spot on the sponge. But no, they waited their turn, pulled back if I was on one. I would return the favor for the next one and let them have it, even if I was in the spot. Even as they "wolfed" around to the different peaks, they still gave me my waves that I was lined up for.

It's been a while since I had a 4 hour session, but time was flying with all the fun I was having.

#1- Kudos to the weather forecasters for yesterday. The hourly charts had the wind going offshore at 11am. At 9am it was hard SW at 10-15. At 10, same. 10:30? same. at about 10:45, I then noticed that the low level clouds were slowly moving from NW, but surface winds were still SW.. BUT... with a slight W factor. At 11 I went to take a look at the water as the cloud front moved over head and ACTUALLY watched the flags slowly drop for about a minute or two, followed by the NW wind switch to offshore. Right on cue.

And on a more serious note from yesterday.

#2- When facing the ocean, know your limitations. You nearly killed yourself and me for helping. LIfeguards didn't see you having trouble, but I did. So I helped to get you back when you asked. We got back to where you could feel the bottom and walk in. I TOLD you "walk in, don't swim, rip is bad". I turn around to get another wave and I check on you. You are back outside getting pummeled. WTF. This time you were a bit more panicky and tired. I gave you my board to hold on to while I swam us back... Again. Took many waves on the head while getting out of the rip until my leash came off my arm and left me without it. Fortunately that wave dragged you in while holding the board and I was lucky to get pushed in with the next one.
This could have ended very badly, and I know I did what I could, or SHOULD have done. And I will be repaid sometime. But a "thanks" would have gone a long way. Not walk off in silence. Maybe shock or adrenaline took over in this case. I just hope a lesson is learned and it won't happen again. Disappointed in the LG's not seeing what was going on. By the time we got back in I was so far down the beach and out of breath I barely had the energy to walk to the car much less yell at them for missing it.

but... The feed is awful. It's like they've junked the good stuff and loaded up the 56k modem and VGA cams.

I had remarked last year about the great pictures and stream coming from an Island in the middle of nowhere and what great days of technology we live in. This year? not so much...

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