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are you sure you aren't talking about Miss December?
It's been a while...sponger....

When the opportunity arises....

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are you sure you aren't talking about Miss December?

It has also killed a LOT of the central sandbars, outer bar only really shows on dead low, and inside is a double up whomp fest... Need some stormy stuff to move sand into the trenches in-between

Bulls are or were already here... They were responsible for those attacks in NJ in fresh water back in the ‘20s or whatever. Numerous have been spotted and caught in Great South Bay over the years as well.

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"Bites"? I'd call them nibbles... The water looked really murky and opaque on the reports. Fluffy was probably just cruising around and ran into them.

Damn... Now how will I be able to forge documents... I only needed about 8.6 million of them. I really should check in here more often.

I stand corrected... this AM as I went to poke around some of the cameras... they are only available on Premium...

So when I posted my comment they WERE still available... They probably have some lower quality stuff out there.. just have to find it...

and there is at least one other site that has free LB, NSSS cameras

AND... I stand corrected AGAIN... There are SOME free cams available. they just moved a few into their Premium Tier. Just look for the icons without the little Premium logo thingee

There are at least TWO apps listed as “Hurricane Tracker” in the App Store. One is 1.99 the other is free. Free one is little further down the page

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Pay only? Not... free cams still free. I don’t need to watch 8 hours of rewind to see me as a spec fighting 12 other guys for a wave only to be dropped in on by an apparent “blind” surfer who says “sorry, I didn’t see you”.

And anyways... most all my spots are cam free to begin with

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Small Thai children equipped with Hemp bags sourced from the Whole Earth catalog..

Well, they wanted the Death Spikes gone... and they got it. Death spikes were holding the sand in that exact area. So, no more “kook kontrol” and now, no more beach.

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Speaking of which...maybe its time for a fleafest. Like, OG Flea & Associates only maybe.


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