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i have a career in software sales
it gives me some flexibilty for surf, but it doesn't usually work that i've got  flexibilty when it matters
i pretty much can't stand the line of work, but it pays the bills
i've wanted to be a teacher for a long time. 
I wsa just checking out the city teaching requirements and it looks like they hire not masters/education people
but i'd be broke
maybe 10 years form now i could afford a pay cut, but not now

anyone ever dumped the career for something new, with a huge cut?
anyone switched to teaching?
just dreaming i guess


thanks Franklin
it's been a fun ride

what's up with this crappy disorganized slop with a swell height of 3.6 @ 10 secounds out of the sse?
I'm not meaning to bitch, although i was disappointed with what i saw this morning, but really, i'm not meaning to bitch about summer conditions.
i'm just wondering if someone wants to explain this phenomenon so that i won't get my hopes up again when the buoys looking good but this same phenomoenomnom is going on
you know what i mean?

is my ip address showing?
the company i work for doesn't like it when i expose myself like that
anyone got an extra towel?

i like that new station that replaced cbs 101 oldies
it plays anything that was top 40 over the 70s 80s 90s 00's (this decade have a name yet?)
rock, pop, 'new wave', you name it
no repeats
lots of songs thay haven't been played on radio in years and years and years
like right now, living in america, a sone that's ok to hear once every 20 years, is playing

i'm at my cubicle desk, earphones firmly implanted, and in need of aural distraction, feeling like a desk rider, and in need of getting this off my chest
(ps, i'm not pimping for ratings)
anyone else liking this new radio offering?

anyone see it?
talked about bungers and Mike becker.
the article was pretty light, but mentioned cheap china boards and rising cost of materials as issues.

also, it said that older surfers like longboards because they're easier to stand on. 
i'd always thought it was becuase they were easier to catch waves on, or because they like that kind of ride. 

i learn so much about surfing from the times.

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