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thanks for posting this waterboy - there's never enough press for this event
I've done this event a bunch of times, and it's always a ton of fun
looking forward to it again this year, especially with waves in the forecast
lido west - see you there

whoever makes threads from here show up on twitter, go ahead and work that magic on this thread
thanks, man

It's the bunching up around the ankles that is the worst.

yup, me too
i'm pretty sure some day i'm gonna be found dead outside my car
with my wetsuit almost off
except the ankles

what a way to go...

i've kinda accepted that the way it's gonna end for me

people may say 'he died doing what he loved', but if anyone says that to you, please set them straight
i've haven't loved the battle of the wetsuit for years now, since it went from a quick change to a life threatening nightmare

i just hope it's after a great session
not after some failed attempt where i just got beat up trying to paddle out, and turned around before my head explodes from too many ice cream duckdives
i mean, like, that would really suck

Here's a couple of shots, again, my apologies - I'm not much of photog, but hopefully I captured at least a little of the feeling of this tremendous event....

I don't know the particpants, but whoever the girl in the last two pictures is, I have never EVER seen anyone more stoked in my life. The absolute love of life that came from her was just could feel it up and down the beach.

that pic right there, that captures the feeling.  the only thing missing is the audio of her hooting her way in wave
what stoke
give me chills....

not to take anything away from the other guy in the pics- he got a few really great rides. 

actually, they all did.
i hope they both can get copies of these pics
seacliff, if you've got more, post'em, if you don't mind
and thanks for posting these

a lot of the credit for the day goes to the guy carrying the board behind the girl in the last picture.
awesome guy who worked his ass off pushing these guys into waves for freaking hours yesterday. 
hats off to him and everyone who made it happen


ya know, as far as dilemmas go, that's not suc a bad one to have

a friend just told me he's going to indo for a vacation.  he doesn't surf, just going to indo.  i'm sooooooo f'n jealous.
in my dreams, that's where i'd go.  in reality, it ain't happening

yup, it was a fun moring, most fun i've had on the longboard in a long time

thats just the info i needed
it confirms that i can't do it now, but someday i might be able to pull it off

i have a career in software sales
it gives me some flexibilty for surf, but it doesn't usually work that i've got  flexibilty when it matters
i pretty much can't stand the line of work, but it pays the bills
i've wanted to be a teacher for a long time. 
I wsa just checking out the city teaching requirements and it looks like they hire not masters/education people
but i'd be broke
maybe 10 years form now i could afford a pay cut, but not now

anyone ever dumped the career for something new, with a huge cut?
anyone switched to teaching?
just dreaming i guess

Even if I'm in position and I do not have the priority I let them have it. 

while that might not seem so admirable, it's a whole hell of a lot better than a lot of people out there some days

thanks for taking one for the team

i'm here trying to figure out why go to your favorite sandbar when the winds are hard onshore
(insert smiley face slpping himself in the head here)


thanks Franklin
it's been a fun ride

i heard a speedo does the trick too
under the boardies
not instead

who's organizing the surf-off?

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