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Merry Chrismas!!!
Its the perfect day to relax around the tree with family & a nice cozy movie. Heres a sneak peek at Fire and Water. Enjoy my friends!

On Demand here:

1st of all I'm quite lucky to live where I do now & after many back & Forths in my head, I am quite perplexed. I always thought that given the chance to live in an area that has great sunny surf every day would be crazy for this New Yorker. When I was younger in my "Psycho" rager days I was nuts. I'd try to surf anything in any size, broke my thumb duck diving a boog in hurricane Fabien in the box when few would venture there, surfed longboards in very shallow waves & got good at really getting tubed in anything that'd give me one. I'd pull some yoga style shiz to get in a summer time shore break hole but now Im more relaxed & reserved after my whole cancer situation. I'd choose waste/chest high waves over head high if I could just escape any new crowds. I loved the quiet of years of surfing "Exit Only's" alone. (tho if it was waste high at the main peak, it'd be chest to head high there ha!) but I got comfy with it. I thought Cali would be way beyond what Im used to & I'd be out of my league. Truth is its not what I though at all. Northern California has its spots that feel like NY when it fires but the 1st time at pleasure Point, I was shocked. It looked so scary & when I got my 1st wave on what they said was 8-10 ft face I was so surprised at how that wave was just amazingly calm. Just stood up and kept going. recently surfed a wave that was likely over a 100 feet long. Its like it was made to be surfed. Theres even different sections of it that some beginners will chill out & surf. theres something for everyone out here except!!!!!!!

Good barrels. Thats when things get hairy. some of the spots that might barrel on a chest/head plus high day need energy. that kind of energy doesn't come around that often so when it does, the reef that usually spawns those relaxed point breaks starts to push off & make big ass waves with lots of power. I surfed a spot called 26th st & damn near snapped my board on a head high barrel. put nasty as stress cracks down the center on my Becker. the other spots like Waddell creek that feel like NY start getting really huge. Im talking 12/18 foot sets & brutal. I surfed a spot called little wind & sea & got shacked on my 6'2 lost quad & it closed out on me & it was maybe a 5 foot face & it rag dolled me, smashing my head into my board & dragged me along the bottom for about 30 seconds before I popped up in the shore break. So its been interesting to say the least. The wild life is def a bit unnerving at times and weird brown trout like dropping into a lil cover up & then popping out all stoked just to run into whale intestines after sharks ate a giant whale & ripped it to bits but Im told that so rare.........

Anyway, through it all I have to say, despite the fact that you have to wait for swell in NY, its worth the wait. In order to feel a good solid moving wave in CA. I have to surf insane BS. Im truly happy with the mellower stuff, when I surf NYC again, I'll be a happy sonova to be in something I recognize. on that note, if your ever in the Santa Cruz area, look me up. Its quite diverse here & tho it gets crazy at some of the usual spots during a swell, there always a wave next door to is thats literally 3/4 or 5/6 foot somewhere. Either way, worth the trip. I miss NYC, Not sure I'll get over the feel of the Atlantic's power & joy. Be proud of where your at. Miss you Rockaway.


Hello everyone. Happy Thanksgiving! Fire and Water is now on Vimeo on Demand & its a great night for a movie about surfing history in NY. Im so proud of the film and can't wait for everyone to see it. 5 years in the making & awards for a NY based film is unreal. If you know someone who hasn't seen it or just want to see it again, you can follow the link. $5.00 is a great deal for a good surf movie. Its a great family friendly film for the family. Hope you had a good turkey day! I miss my NY friends dearly, hope to see you all very soon!



Its finally a reality..

Come swing by & support any way you can. We got our 1st big hit from a Film Festival right out of the gates. UNREAL!  I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me through my 3rd film. Theres no way a NY surfer will watch this &not beam with pride.

Cheers all!

Psycho :o

 A few years ago, well maybe more than a few but we had a season that the wind just started howling one day & it just wouldn't stop for pretty much the whole winter. It was a wash for waves. anything remotely surf able was so out of control or blown out, it just wasn't worth it. There was no snow, no rain, just cold cold cold and winds sandblasting our faces. It got to the point where it was so stressful a friend of mine broke down yelling on the beach "PLEASE JUST STOP!" as we checked for a hint of a wave 1 morning. 

I guess the 3 days of gnarly blowing winds reminded me of that. Lets hope thats not the trend this year.

Anyone interested in a GoPro Hero 3 Plus Black edition plus extra battery. $275.  Perfect condition. No box. Its the most perfect & versatile Surf / Snowboard camera ever.
[/size] I take Paypal & can ship it. [/color][/size]Message me at, [email protected][/color]

If you're out & about tonight come see the Rockaway Beach Premiere of "Empire Now", Details here,

Hi everyone,
I have been a busty dude lately so I just wanted to share the links to Surf Week & its week long schedule as well as remind everyone to get tickets for the world premiere of movie we've created with the help of Hurley & Transition Productions, "Empire Now". Staring a bunch of NY's best Pro surfers, its the 1st surf thriller. We follow these New Yorkers around the globe to show the gift we all share in surfing & really showcase the east Coast in its abilities. Very proud of the film and also, its quite original. Written by the NYSea crew its sure to be a good night out. See the trailer here,

Tickets are available here,

Come support a great week long event celebrating NY surfing. I could not be prouder of NY surfing! Heres a couple fun frame grabs & behind the scenes antics.

We need your help!! The ‪#‎Smashfest1‬ 24 hour film contest film that Davina Grincevicius & I collaborated on is up on the Smash site as well as Surf App for iPhones & Droids. The subject which we learned minutes before the contest started was " How has Surfing impacted your community" so in our town of Rockaway Beach, I dont think theres been a place on the East Coast more changed and is still changing because of the influx of all the new surfers here. We really need your support so vote for us there. Its a free app in your App Store under Smash Surf. then at the bottom of the home screen go to the More tab, click the 24 hour short film videoswatch our video Ebb & Flow. go back to the home page of the app & choose the Vote tab & scroll down til you see Ebb & Flow there & hit vote! We will love you soo much! Send Rockaway Your love, we need it! You will be able to view the video contestants & vote for us! Also on the Smash website later for voting today. When they release it, I'll post a link so EVERYONE please vote & buy tickets to the other movies showing at the actual Smash film festival. ‪#‎Kindawesome‬ ‪#‎rockawaybeach‬ ‪#‎NewYorkCity‬ ‪#‎fireandwaterthemovie‬ ‪#‎Filmmakers‬‪#‎filmfestival‬ ‪#‎Surfing‬ ‪#‎surfer‬ ‪#‎Surfnewyork‬ ‪#‎NYSea‬ ‪#‎Nynjsurf‬ with Davina Grincevicius and 2 others.

Heres the online link to vote for Ebb & Flow[/font][/color][/font][/size]

Here are the links to the apps just in case you need it:

iTunes: [/color]


Brand new PataGucci R4 sittin in the closet & I haven't got to use it yet. Someone please, Go get a tattoo or something!

Its been many years since the jetties had chicken bits spread all over em. Seems that waves were allot better a while back, maybe sacrificing some organic all white meat chicken breasts might make brown trout right. I would love some solid fun.

The Recovery Room / If u need someone
« on: January 28, 2013, 07:40:24 AM »
As some of you know, we got eipped off by a contractor right off the bat. A lousy guy knew about Rock getting hit by the storm & decided he'd try to make a buck. Created a fake website & siad he was licensed & before I knew it he was using my donated dryway to make the walls worse peicing them together like a teenage drunk. It was like Sandy all over again. We kicked him out & stopped payment on the 2nd part of his check but still made off with se of our FEMA $. We booted him on christmas. It was shocking. Work so bad it was like a joke was played on us.

Then came Ronny. He charged us very little cuz he fealt terrible about our situation & took it on. From there he owned it. We r almost done & i cant believe my eyes. So much plumbing & electrical stuff he didnt even charge us for & even tiny details he did just because ge wanted to. Its amazing & my hiuse has just become my favorite place. Message me for his info! Ronny is the man!!!

The Recovery Room / Dying to know!
« on: January 27, 2013, 02:35:58 PM »
How is everyones repairs? I know many have rebuilt, some are rebuilding & some ae still drawing up plans. If u have done work please share photos. I'd love to see positive rebuilding stories.

The Recovery Room / Hurricane Santa
« on: December 24, 2012, 07:38:08 AM »
Everyday since the storm up to a point has been work. Lots of it. We had so much damage it was overwhelming. After all ive been thru in my life & the last few years, ive seen all these uos & downs. I often feel cursed at times & blessed others. Each notch in my belt has been so new or rare and this one was amazing despite it bring a pain in the ass. We have taken so much from Mother Ocean & she finally took back but life wouldnt be worth living if we didnt have all these things to make us stronger. Ive learned & relearned valuable skills. Ivelearned processes Ive never seen before. We have regressed back to a time when I had very little, no heat, no electricity, no food, no $ and def not at all 1 fraction of help.

All in all tho as messed up & chaotic life is durring the recovery proccess, we have regrouped as a community. Ive seen allot of people talking about leaving & I cant blame them but just remember, this could happen anywhere, just maybe differently. We have oppertunity here that we didnt beforein a sense of governing our town. Things are changing. Theres potential the city knows about, theres going to be new streets & boardwalks. Iysup to us to make it a better place. Maybe gorrilla gardening teams can attack this spring, maybe an overload of 311 calls on slumlords with help the owners become motivated to fix their brown trout. Maybe the storm will get us appeoved for billions in repair, I dont knkw but looking at all if the help we fot from citizens, surfers & neighbors, aint no way Sandy won. Its a pain in the ass but down the road, we eill talk story if how that Bitch Sandy slapped us around.

Its been a long time since we saw past surfing & got back to our friendships. I think we needed that somewhat & as usual, my doors open.come by, say hello & drink a beer. Start a lil firepit up & get a BBQ going. Everyones sick of the mess but its here. Lets make the best of it. Cheers & Happy Hollidays my friends. I love you, we will get through this too.

Hey Im in desperate need of Marks contact info and quickly. Anyone have it please send it asap. Thanks in advance,

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