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Merry Chrismas!!!
Its the perfect day to relax around the tree with family & a nice cozy movie. Heres a sneak peek at Fire and Water. Enjoy my friends!

On Demand here:

1st of all I'm quite lucky to live where I do now & after many back & Forths in my head, I am quite perplexed. I always thought that given the chance to live in an area that has great sunny surf every day would be crazy for this New Yorker. When I was younger in my "Psycho" rager days I was nuts. I'd try to surf anything in any size, broke my thumb duck diving a boog in hurricane Fabien in the box when few would venture there, surfed longboards in very shallow waves & got good at really getting tubed in anything that'd give me one. I'd pull some yoga style shiz to get in a summer time shore break hole but now Im more relaxed & reserved after my whole cancer situation. I'd choose waste/chest high waves over head high if I could just escape any new crowds. I loved the quiet of years of surfing "Exit Only's" alone. (tho if it was waste high at the main peak, it'd be chest to head high there ha!) but I got comfy with it. I thought Cali would be way beyond what Im used to & I'd be out of my league. Truth is its not what I though at all. Northern California has its spots that feel like NY when it fires but the 1st time at pleasure Point, I was shocked. It looked so scary & when I got my 1st wave on what they said was 8-10 ft face I was so surprised at how that wave was just amazingly calm. Just stood up and kept going. recently surfed a wave that was likely over a 100 feet long. Its like it was made to be surfed. Theres even different sections of it that some beginners will chill out & surf. theres something for everyone out here except!!!!!!!

Good barrels. Thats when things get hairy. some of the spots that might barrel on a chest/head plus high day need energy. that kind of energy doesn't come around that often so when it does, the reef that usually spawns those relaxed point breaks starts to push off & make big ass waves with lots of power. I surfed a spot called 26th st & damn near snapped my board on a head high barrel. put nasty as stress cracks down the center on my Becker. the other spots like Waddell creek that feel like NY start getting really huge. Im talking 12/18 foot sets & brutal. I surfed a spot called little wind & sea & got shacked on my 6'2 lost quad & it closed out on me & it was maybe a 5 foot face & it rag dolled me, smashing my head into my board & dragged me along the bottom for about 30 seconds before I popped up in the shore break. So its been interesting to say the least. The wild life is def a bit unnerving at times and weird brown trout like dropping into a lil cover up & then popping out all stoked just to run into whale intestines after sharks ate a giant whale & ripped it to bits but Im told that so rare.........

Anyway, through it all I have to say, despite the fact that you have to wait for swell in NY, its worth the wait. In order to feel a good solid moving wave in CA. I have to surf insane BS. Im truly happy with the mellower stuff, when I surf NYC again, I'll be a happy sonova to be in something I recognize. on that note, if your ever in the Santa Cruz area, look me up. Its quite diverse here & tho it gets crazy at some of the usual spots during a swell, there always a wave next door to is thats literally 3/4 or 5/6 foot somewhere. Either way, worth the trip. I miss NYC, Not sure I'll get over the feel of the Atlantic's power & joy. Be proud of where your at. Miss you Rockaway.

If your looking for a long board, I cannot praise my high performance Becker 9'3 Briggs model. nothing works like my boards for the east coast. works on small summer surf but gets me in some barrels many might not come out of. love tat thing.


Hello everyone. Happy Thanksgiving! Fire and Water is now on Vimeo on Demand & its a great night for a movie about surfing history in NY. Im so proud of the film and can't wait for everyone to see it. 5 years in the making & awards for a NY based film is unreal. If you know someone who hasn't seen it or just want to see it again, you can follow the link. $5.00 is a great deal for a good surf movie. Its a great family friendly film for the family. Hope you had a good turkey day! I miss my NY friends dearly, hope to see you all very soon!



Yeah bro, that was sick! Vote complete!

Yeah I know, right out of the gates bro. Im extremely proud. For a little guy like me from Rockaway Beach NY to get excepted to a major fest is unreal. Many people have no idea what Ive been making. Its no Shadows that for sure. The Curator who watched it 1st said he wasn't sure about a surf movie since that festival isn't for that type of film work but after screening it said (Talk about goosebumps), "Wow! Im pushing for this film to be excepted. You really have something special here!" a few weeks later I got the official exceptence letter & about 20 phone calls. I couldn't believe it. wait till you see the finished version will. I believe what you saw was the rough cut. Its much more refined now. Through cancer, then hurricane Sandy, this movie will be the redemption bro. #NYSurf

Its finally a reality..

Come swing by & support any way you can. We got our 1st big hit from a Film Festival right out of the gates. UNREAL!  I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me through my 3rd film. Theres no way a NY surfer will watch this &not beam with pride.

Cheers all!

Psycho :o

 A few years ago, well maybe more than a few but we had a season that the wind just started howling one day & it just wouldn't stop for pretty much the whole winter. It was a wash for waves. anything remotely surf able was so out of control or blown out, it just wasn't worth it. There was no snow, no rain, just cold cold cold and winds sandblasting our faces. It got to the point where it was so stressful a friend of mine broke down yelling on the beach "PLEASE JUST STOP!" as we checked for a hint of a wave 1 morning. 

I guess the 3 days of gnarly blowing winds reminded me of that. Lets hope thats not the trend this year.

Anyone interested in a GoPro Hero 3 Plus Black edition plus extra battery. $275.  Perfect condition. No box. Its the most perfect & versatile Surf / Snowboard camera ever.
[/size] I take Paypal & can ship it. [/color][/size]Message me at, [email protected][/color]

If you're out & about tonight come see the Rockaway Beach Premiere of "Empire Now", Details here,

LOL! Will.. Hey guys I just wanted to say thank you all for the incredible turn out. wall to wall humans & the applause was out of control. I caught half of the cheering on my phone but it did no justice to the rumble of the theater after the movie ended. What an awesome night. Thank you! NY surfing  & its community is nothing less than amazing.

2 of the crazy Bastards I got to work with making Empire Now did this...

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