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Yeah, Jersey is tempting but I just have a feeling that it's gonna be more spray-in-the-eyes work than fun...
Hope I'm wrong.
You were right....blah

Actually got a report from a spot just north of asbury that it was good...very good...

Hmmmm....Could have been a guy pulling my leg with a late April fool's joke...  :-\
No your friend was right Sea Cliff, no April fools joke....many spots fired with plenty of makable barrels in N. Jersey in AM

This is a cool thing sponsored by Xerox that takes 10 seconds and is a great way to say thanks to our troops abroad!  I know they appreciate it especially this time of year.  Have a Happy everyone.

Some pics from our trip, 7 days perfection, wave shots at end of thread...

Yeah this wave isn't for stand ups, much too heavy...


Down South was TRUELY bombin...Lido didnt look lke this today
Photos:Johnson  Rider: Bob Baldwin aka-Ballbags

Some real clean barrels indeed, rarely see LI waves curve and barrel like that (60-100)yds without closing out or pinching...some great barrel riding by stand ups and sponges alike all day...

super heavy?

come on
Just tellin it like it is....  Plenty of lips thicker than barrels high....I imagine there will be photos in the coming days of our session and most quite poss the video, once edited will one day be posted on NYBB

Yeah that was Fri. Eastern Long Island...Pretty much from 1030 AM till 3 Pm cranked out some pits, much more sponger friendly then stand up stick.....

Was super heavy some pretty intense pits when you made one...

At least we didnt miss much today..... :'(
I cant believe this is Long Island

Last shot is filthy :o

10/28 Photo: Gilliems

Fatboy whitey puttin the beatdown on!  ;D So f'in retarded to fight over surfing a wave, get a life...

Yes the bars were set up very nicely for the ones that wrapped in....9-21-06

Photos: Cris R

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