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Maybe Jon Spector. Check Jonathan Spector Photography

Selling a Surftech Ultra Glide and Bag. Info in link to Craigslist below
Price listed is asking price. Board can be bought separately from bag.
Thx for checking.

Interesting read and nice to know that while concerns remain the same, there are some changes to the replenishment approaches of the past. I wonder if sharing this article with the powers that be in LBNY might offer them some perspective in their dealings with the ACOE and its implemention and impact of the project here.
Thanks for sharing SeaCliff.

Sooty no pics.


So after still being out of his devastated house in the canal area of Long Beach, my buddy had his board stolen this past week. Board was at the house where he thought it was safe. Police report being filed with LBPD later today. Craigslist and Ebay being checked regularly as well as all local shops being contacted.
Please be on the lookout for an 8'8" Bing Karma. Board was made for a bigger guy and is thick. Beautiful blue tiger stripe/Mexican blanket resin work on the bottom and rails. Deck is clear. May have deck pad. Board will definitely stand out. If you see it please note when and where and call Charlie at
516-655-3778. You can also PM me here.

Located in Long Beach. $100.
Craigslist Link w/ photos:


My impulsively bought Bing Elevator is for sale. Board is 10' with a  beautiful green resin tint. Selling for $799. Paid a good deal more. Only used it a couple of times and it is in new condition. Board is on display at Maritime Surf in Long Beach and can be seen at the following link.   Just scroll down. My impulsiveness is your gain.

LI ENT on W Park 889-7733 right near Maritime Surf does custom earplugs. Make sure you tell them you want the ones that you can  hear through. There's a little membrane that allows sound but no water. They were about 100 bucks last year and they work well.

Picked up the Bing last night. Its the classic triple stringer. Beautiful board and from a good guy. Saw the other boards for sale. Someone should def check them out.

Check PMs

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