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good time had by all who were out for the arvo session at stinkin bo binkin, chance of a repeat this afternoon but wind will be a bit tricky.  Slide, slide, slippity, slide.

uptown sharing board is no problem some dont have boards at all and just borrow what is there.

the ner do well will not go on this day or the day of the unsound, no conflicts, no hassles, if you have never gone to this event you are missin out.

Duer family rules, Bobby, Scotty, all the kids the wifes this is not event to be missed although as always most of you will miss it.  It takes a solid week to recover from this event between the surfing the laughing the drinkin and the stories.  I have never had such a long drive home from Dirty Jers and been so tired.  Lest we forget the costume division or the tandem division.

Action Jackson
Von Dito
Little Nasty

Yeppers you read it right, if you want on this crazy bus register now. Bring your balls cuz i promise you will need them. The rules and brackets will be posted at the preparty which is tentatively planned for Sept. 14th. I am going to try to rent out the Knights of Columbus or just do it Hodeo style. Please register early not late, from what I understand you will most likely have to sign a waiver this time around, sorry, apparently something about a risk in surfin large waves. I got a bunch o stuff goin on so I might be slow to answer questions but I promise and event to be remembered.

Winner takes all, which as you all know, is nothing but braggin rights, but really what better a prize is there.

  Waiting period is Sept. 16 to Oct. 15 
be forewarned the contest will go the day the surf is optimum that may be a day you have work school or family obligations, this is the day you blow off those obligations.

How come, are you gonna write a letter?
The better question is,

"Does anyone know anyone at High Times magazine?" ;D

yeah the editor lives around the block from me :o :o

no joke met him twice, nice enough guy and surfs a little bit.

the only contest I do, well from now on the only contest I do, I have gone to everyone since 99' so much fun your ass hurts from laughin so hard.  If anyone is coming we should all where yankee uniforms as usually me and cenz are the only idiots who make the trip from NY to lose.

Having traveled globally on a mission to surf and praise jah I always found it funny that when approached while surfing (I can surf) and people inquire where I am from, when they hear NY they want to know how I learned to surf so good.  THe sun shines on a dogs ass every now and again.  That being said we get the occassional epic day, now whats epic, epic on a global standard, it means you walk on the beach and say holy crap its firing and you cant get out there quick enough.  Our beaches have their days, I also find the NYers are better surfers than people give props for because we are awsome at surfin crap and with 25 lbs. of wetties to boot and the water is sometimes hovering around 30.  Give me a 12 ft. day at Sunset or a bombing 8 ft day at swamis and I will as comfortable as a pig in sh-t and I will mock the fags in socal who where a fullsuit when its 65 water temp, fags.  Do the research and NYers have proven their own in the International Surf Community, fom Rasmussen, Harmon, Carimonico, Fawess, the pipe charger whos name I just spaced, Allen Wiesbacker, and a whole slew of others who just prefer to fly under the radar.  Although the NE comprises a large bulk of surf industries income they choose to ignore us, fine by us to be quite honest.

heres a result, I took sixth place, I officially hate surf contests, no stroking of my ego, just total bullshit.  Sorry for the rant but I got beat by a couple of people who didnt once go to the nose, I slapped ten like I slap your mom and more than once in the final, I got barreled for the love of god and the wave sucked.  Did I mention I am over contests accept the Hodeo and the Manasquan Classic LB and the Ner Do Well, and anything else fun.

i dunno...i've seen a bunch of his boards on sways and on his webby, like y'all apparently, and while his glassing seems top notch, his shapes have always looked subpar to me.
yeah the six I own are super subpar, Ill bet the next two suck just as bad, why do I end up with crappy boards.

I am down assuming there is no surf, otherwise see you around 7pm instead of 3.

Sorry for the lack of explanation this is strictly a big wave events, no drinkin until the mega shaka afta party at the hacienda.  One wave wins it, just step up and lay claim or sit on the boardwalk head hung low sipping your coffee makin excuses why it was better yesterday, last year, or a decade ago.

Registration will run from August 7 - August 21, you already know what it is so if you have questions ask around.  If you attended the Hodeo you get first crack at spots, no more than 64 entrants.  The waiting period will Sept 11-Oct 11..  Now step it up and let your surfing do the talkin, Hoes up Gees down. 

Bring it on.

Now lets all sit back relax and try to enjoy the rest of the summer while we wait for this.

aloha yall had some difficulties I sux with computers my party rocked if you were there or not.

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