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Is says 5'7 in the pics?

Cornell institute does.soil testing. Lawns are stupid, sand, some salt hearty tall grasses and roses, your good to go.

yep, the YU are Small

Lost Rocket is sold

Jersey is always better, followed by Staten Island and Coney Island

NS Beater SUP and H2O paddle are sold

beach cruisers have left the building

What kind of condition is the Bark unlimited prone in?  Safe to presume it is stock not custom?

its in fair/good condition, if the pad didn't need replacing I would say good.  Not a custom or a surf tech, its a stock unlimited

How wrecked

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It's cheap, it has chipped rails from years of use, it has a open ding on the deck that will need attention or not, it's a beater. Fin box could or could not use attention, again it's 150$, good for fishing, cruising, not surfing, not racing not downwinding. If you want it for your kids I would tape the rails with SUP tape

A little late to the party, but have you sold the log?
Still got it

who wrecked is that 10'6 beater nature shapes?

I don't follow?

one prone 17'6 Bark unlimited 800$ needs new pad IMHO, the pads run 150$ or paddle in a farmer jon
SUP's for sale
Nature Shapes beater 10'6 150$
SIC Race Board 12'6 unsure of cost
Bark 14' Dominator 500$
Bark 12'6 Appleby 600$
h2o uncut paddle 100$

Futures fins? Are you just selling the wct and yu? Looking for some smaller sets or random smaller centers.

I will check, have not gonethrough the boxes of fins yet

5' 220$

I'm not in the city, sorry. I will set the boards aside from you and Mark them sold until Monday 👍

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