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Leash plug and fin box, you sure that is from the 60's?


Oh geez, so sorry to hear about this
 Rip in peace

It's got a fin, possibly it has two but it might have three or four it was 10 foot but the water is cooling down so it might have shrinkage. It is fibreglass but with the jazz hands of epoxy. It has or had a leashplug

Thursday’s tropical wave: the one to watch?
According to the 0Z Monday runs of the GFS and European models and their ensembles, as well as the UKMET model, the best chance for an African wave to develop this week will occur from a tropical wave expected to emerge from the coast of Africa on Thursday night or Friday morning. Wind shear over the eastern tropical Atlantic is predicted to be lower by this weekend, and all of the models show some development of this wave in the waters near the Cabo Verde Islands off the coast of Africa, as early as Saturday.

Yo I'll take it

It does exist...

9' longboard isn't a noserider unless your twiggy from buck Rogers

No bitcoin, but if you happen to have a Scott or a Coconut single to trade...

Lol, too funny

Bacon has a step up, it's 5'4 and 32 litres

Nope, ended up not needing it. But several friends did, all said it was either Stony Brook or go to west coast and get it done there. Wingballs is my most recent buddy that had the surgery.

Stonybrook for the chisel

Buy and Sell: The Surfboard Exchange on / Re: Fish box
« on: December 15, 2017, 12:26:37 PM »
I got a box of fish

Thankyou Bruce for everything. I can't thank enough for how much you helped make me who I am. I learned to surf watching his movies. Atlantic Beach Surf used to rent surf videos, not a wide selection but they had most of Bruce's videos. Thank you for everything, what an epic human.

I have an extra you can have

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