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Thursday’s tropical wave: the one to watch?
According to the 0Z Monday runs of the GFS and European models and their ensembles, as well as the UKMET model, the best chance for an African wave to develop this week will occur from a tropical wave expected to emerge from the coast of Africa on Thursday night or Friday morning. Wind shear over the eastern tropical Atlantic is predicted to be lower by this weekend, and all of the models show some development of this wave in the waters near the Cabo Verde Islands off the coast of Africa, as early as Saturday.

Cornell institute does.soil testing. Lawns are stupid, sand, some salt hearty tall grasses and roses, your good to go.

Jersey is always better, followed by Staten Island and Coney Island

Small file, make the flat head entry deeper into lok box bolt.

MJR is the man, thanks for 10 years of epic pics

The vibe was overall good, outside of the occasional dude getting a bit greedy it was a good day.

Sand is good not great, funky on the jettys with too much sand, you can't backdoor the jettys. I think Sunday was a pretty south swell so west of us might have been smaller, blame Hudson canyon refraction and your mom for that.

MJR guitars are supposedly really good, I don't know shlt about that stuff, but I assume Mike puts 1000℅ into his instruments and all his other woodworking projects.

funky winds, looks like the early bird gets the worm the first few days.  So many storms, a lot of commotion in the ocean.  Interesting to see what storm interacts with another.  Ducks in a row lining up over Africa.  13 more days of work will complete my full time 7 day a week work schedule which began mother's day.  Bummed I missed summer, glad I didn't much epic surf, the future is so bright I gotta wear shades.

Hmm, I thought the hipsters aka The Jets forced them out. The story goes that it all started on the West Side of the  penninsuela.

They should run the dredge throughout the summer and install the dune right around Memorial Day weekend, it will do wonders for the local businesses and drive people to our beach like never before. LB winning, better to begin beach replenishment than fix a sewer system that has been broke since Irene and in total disrepair since sandy. At least the people on the bay can sleep soundly knowing our beach is replenished and we will never flood again.

On a side note, how do the sandbags look after this past storm, any better?

Massive winter cleaning of the board barn in process. Pics and prices to follow.