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I dont know where to post this, I found a fishing pole Tuesday morning at Robert Moses. If you know anyone who lost a pole have them contact my email with a detailed description of the pole. I would like to get it back to its owner. contact : [email protected]

Saw Bill Korbel on news 12 talking about water quality and dead fish. Just a heads up to those out east.

Check it out.. - Spectacular Dolphin Surfing at Byron Bay

In a diff language but has subtitles. Using buoys connected to arms that act as hydraulic pumps to create pressure. Seems pretty cool..check it out..

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Real good condition, still snow white, very light and strong. EPS/Epoxy - dimensions are 6'2 x 18 1/4" x 2 1/8" . Carbon fiber "stringer" with carbon fiber along the rails by the tail. Thruster set up with Future boxes- round tail. Had one repair done professionally before my ownership on the underside and one or two pressure dents on the deck, not really noticeable. Has a traction pad on there too. Looking for $350 or best offer, open to trades as well.. mini sims, fishes or other shortboards of equal condition. Have some pics I can email if interested- located in Central Suffolk.. can meet up if reasonable distance. Let me know - Matt

Shaped by Scott Busbey out of N.C. Perfect for a bigger guy, full dims are 6'8" x 21 5/8" x 3 1/8"

FCS set up. Board has some small dings (nothing bigger than a quarter) on the bottom, novice repairs with suncure. Also a little suncure to the nose.. some spider cracking along the stringer. Overall it is in good shape, it has plenty of life left.

Floated me great when I was around 210lbs...lost weight and don't use it anymore.

 $200 w/fins, located in central L.I. Can meet up if needed.

I can email some pics if interested- thanks

Trying to raise funds for another board. Dimensions are 6'2 x 18 1/4" x 2 1/8".The board is in real nice shape...  would be interested in trades for a "rocket" style short board (something around 5'11 - 6'2) of equal value or cash... looking for $350.. check out the link for a few pics. Thanks for looking.

Edit: New link

Follow the link... looking to move this thing to free up some room and put $$ towards something members can have it with the keels..

Checking the cam out and there seems to be some commotion going on... dune replenishment or? I see a bunch of seagulls, a bulldozer and a bunch of water/sand bubbling up...

My cousin, who is a still a beginner, has been surfing at long beach this summer. He is the kid out there in a blue rash guard and a blue foam top board for those who may see him out there. Anyway, he was at Pacific and someone stole his bag that contained his phone, wallet and car keys while he was in the water and left him stranded. He had his bag under a life guard chair to protect it from minute it was there the next gone. I dont know if he contacted any local authorities to see if maybe somebody thought it was left behind and turned it in.. If anyone has any info or knows who to contact in regards to lost/turned in items please contact me asap.  Thanks

PS - before anyone says it, I have no idea why he was out was nothing like this morning thats for sure haha

A classmate of mine showed me this photo that her relative who is in the NYPD took. Pretty sure it has not been posted but I had to share.. yewwww

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