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Thanks ChuzzleWit, here is one for now.

Like someone flicked a switch over in central... checked the cams all day and held out till about 4pm before I finally drove down to the beach. Sat around for two hours watching the masses battle for the little mushy bumps. Then checked a different spot, at 6pm on the nose the bombs rolled in. Surfed 6-dark. The drop-ins were a little tough with the wind, spray and "buoys" (lol) but I got my fill. Over slept the alarm clock this AM but looks like I got the best of it.  If you held out till the evening it was worth it... at 8:22pm the islip buoy was reading swell height 5.9ft at 15.5 seconds = YEEEWWWW

They will bounce back, Rangers in 6  8) (I hope!)

Day 36: grand total of 100 pull ups, 50 burpees and 100 air squats. Not all at once though... Used 5 different pull up grips, did 10 of one- then 10 burpees. Once I finished all 5, I rested for about 5 mins and did the same thing but subbed out the burpees for the squats (20 of them each time instead of 10). Then stretched out.. hoping for some dawn patrol tomorrow..

day 27: 25 hand release push ups, 25 crunches with the 30lb dumbbell, 4 rounds...
day 28: 5 grip pull up bar combo... 15 of each grip with 5 burpees in between, 2 rounds... then some obliques and abs along with nice stretching (working on the splits...gettin there but long ways to go)

this has been around for some time... was it ever confirmed that it was here in NY? I find it strange no person has come up with the actual footage from their gopro... no names or any credit given...just some surfer... hmm.

Day 8 was more shoveling and then 5 rounds consisting of 10 dips, 10 burpees and 5 dragon flags. Then I did a few pull ups since the bar was hanging there in the door jam.

Today day 9, a total of 90 pull ups and 90 burpees, 3 different pull up grips were used... I would do 5 pull ups, then 5 burpees then 10 pullups - 10 burpees; then 15 pullups and 15 burpees.. a little bit of rest time after the set and then started again with the different grip. I did close-palms out, "L" pull ups (you keep your legs up making an "L" shape) and then wide grip palms out. Sounds easy when Im typing it; but man it was a burner... Oh yea UPS dropped of my 5/4 from xcel-  sent it back under warranty for some seams tearing- they did a good job and touched up the whole suit with extra welds and what not.. good service I'd say.

So why not... day 1 was 4 sets of 15 hand stand push ups (against a wall, can't do them freestanding yet); 10 pistols (one leg squats) and 5 dragon flags. Day 2 (yesterday) was two hours before dark playing around in the glassy waist high ocean. Ill edit this post later when I do something today.

Waiting for it to burn off then probably head down..hoping to score some empty little nuggets

EDIT: this was supposed to go in another thread hahaha..too many tabs open. Anyway, good on you guys for doing this. Im thinking about joining since I do some type of workout everyday so we will see. Whens the dead line to commit?

All of these quiver shots make me realize how much I want a mini-simmons...

Wanted a dreamboard but after sending an email.... I now know why it is called a dreamboard haha. Anyone have a bag of money for me?

Yea it happens all the damn time man.. but use the buoy data and local knowledge to make your own "forecast" and get out there early before the sun,wind and crowds!

If moses don't open up soon I'll be heading over to smiths and comeback with good news hopefully