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Just my $0.02....After learning how to surf on a friends pop-out longboard and then buying my first used board (happened to be hand shaped but from N.C ..Scott Busbey), when it came time to get my first custom I decided to go local and have been doing so with the rest of my quiver. Besides putting money into local guys pockets who love the art, besides the benefits of their knowledge of our waves, there is just something so awesome about scoring quality surf on craft made for you by someone who you can point to in the lineup. It has to be rewarding for them too, seeing their boards bringing people happiness. Also, for me, there is a sense of pride when traveling- to bring a piece of LI with me and have a blast on it at other breaks.

Stayed local and was rewarded.. crowds weren't that bad- especially late morning- early afternoon. Wind came up some from the west but I was done at that point. Hope yall got some. Wish I stayed in bed this AM but still got a couple nugs lol

There is an invest out there boyz... let us all use our collective powers to make something wonderful happen.

Me thinks a little birdie is going to be laying some eggs on the beach lol...

Having your vehicle is nice when you are bringing multiple boards, food and stuff.. but it sure does have its negatives. I dont mind walking a mile or so to get waves... been doing it all winter anyway ;)

Edit: The only time I see SCPD on the beach is Memorial day, July 4th and labor day... oh yea and when the 4x4 is closed hah

Easy! Hit up social media (insta in particular) and search the tags.  Everyone posts photos of their winter sesh on inta.. its da coolest!

my favorites are the pics that make a wave (in paticular empty waves) look so great, but in actuality it was not that great at all because you were there and know first hand... remember boyz its all about the likezZzzzz !!

Dig out in layers, every couple of hours go shovel. Park cars strategically to avoid crazy drifts and banks. Get some rest and have trucks loaded up and ready to just warm up and roll. Come clean up day it should be easy to get out of the driveway and most of the hard work is done.. save it for after the surf like mentioned in another post. Take your time on the roads and hopefully see you in the line up!

I have mixed feelings about it, most of which have been stated here already. I guess it is like taking batting practice as opposed to actually playing the game.. 

also...  whats wrong with Carver trucks?!! I love my Resin!! :-[

It was mediocre this AM. Some nice sets did roll in but not very consistent. Got my fill though...anyone else?

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« on: May 15, 2015, 09:12:04 PM »
but there are low over passes....

lol thanks for sharing

I've actually been keeping a little log on the calender here on the computer to see how many days out of the year I am in the water. Started it in January so cant account for December, but I got in 12 times, not including a week to PR. Not bad I guess :o It's kind of a pain in the butt though and I dont always do it the day of..which makes me feel like im missing a day or two but o well. Any one ever do something like this?

Tuesday and Wednesday back to back pure bliss.. no crowds, just a few buddies and perfect lefts. The drift and temps did eventually get the best of me as Im feeling it today but 3hrs on Tues and 2.5 yesterday is enough to keep me stoked till next swell! Hope everyone got some!

I am pretty in the dark on fins as well. I do know the size of the fins base, rake and type of foil effect the way the water is going to move around the fin. I also know that the material that the fin is made from will impact the amount of flex the fins have. As far as being able to tell the difference in the water between plastic and honeycomb, I dont think my surfing is that good to notice huge differences lol.

If your asking if you should go quad, thruster or quad and a little knubster... then I think that comes down to the type of wave and obviously preference.

I personally run the f6 with the f4 rears in my 5-fin board most of the time. I've had the thruster set up in it and it felt way more slidey to me during the drop ins. I have ran the quad + knub and it gave it that extra turnability (i feel like budlight making up words now lol a.k.a drinkability) off the lip. On my fish i have the seaworthy quads.

I wouldnt over analyze it too much, if Saturday turns out to be a good day, you should bring down some of your fins and play around with them to see what you like better. Looks like a nice board, have fun with it.

Was getting a little frustrated earlier.. in at first light and from 6-9 it was a $h!t show. Had to move to another spot down the beach.. glad I did.. glassy, not nearly as crowded and good stoke from those in the water. Unlike the mouthing off, beach arguments, and severe drop ins.. Gorgeous weather, nice size, no drift, glassy conditions.. today was a good day.