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Back up for sale - Price dropped to $175
Dims: 6.0'x20.0"x2.50"
Vol: 33 L
Fins: Thruster Futures (included)
Condition: Good - never dinged, two small dents on bottom, normal pressure dents on deck
- Great all around daily driver for LI waves from knee to head high
- Low entry rocker, single to double concave, medium rails, clean outline
- Paddles good, goes fast, and roundtail hold lines well when steep.
Overlaps with other boards in my quiver - need to move
Board is at Nature Shapes in Sayville

FWIW - I've been getting boards from Nature Shapes in Sayville for the last 5 years.
Mike Becker does high quality work and he surfs local - so he's got a good idea about what works for our waves.
Every so often he runs a $50 off custom board special so look into that too.

For Sale - Nature Shapes Redux Roundtail
Dims: 6'0" x 20.0" x2.5"
Vol: 33L
Future Fins included (thruster)
Good condition - never dinged, two small pressures on bottom, usual pressures on deck
Carbon Fiber tail / rail patch
Poly construction
$325 for (mention price posted on

See add for pics:

- Great daily driver from knee to head high
- Low entry rocker, single to double concave, medium rails
- Selling because it overlaps with a few other boards I have
- Board can be seen / purchased through Nature Shapes shop in Sayville.

yeah - after the initial spraying everything does stick, but after you hose it down a couple of times the excess eventually washes off, but the metal is still protected - i.e. you can still see the water continue to bead up - it soaks into the metal.  You just have to re-appy once or twice a year.  I usually do a thorough job before winter, and a lighter / touch-up application in the spring.

FWIW - A lot of Toyota Tacoma guys swear by Fluid Film - its oil / wax based that you spray on once or twice a year - it creeps into all the seams / crevices - I've used it for the last three years = zero rust.  It does smell for a few days though. Takes about 4 cans to do my truck.

Selling my Nature Shapes Redux Round-tail
Dims: 6'0" x 19.75" x 2.625"
Vol: 34 L
Future fins (included) / thruster set up
Like new condition, just a couple of small / minor pressures.

I've had 3 of these Redux boards shaped by Mike Becker at Nature Shapes - they're awesome for our waves.
This one I had shaped with a round-tail and a little flip in the nose rocker to help in better waves.
I just don't ride it much as it overlaps with my other Redux and my HPSB.
Board is at Nature Shapes in Sayville - they have it listed for $335, but I told them to let it go for $300.

From Mike Becker's web site: "The Redux is our version of a popular rocket style shape.  This fuller outline shortboard allows for easy wave entry while the straight tail outline allows for extreme drive.  The redux can catch waves like a fish yet perform like a shortboard."

L/S in both -

I've always worn Excel suits - fits me well and can always find a great price on prior years' model
This year I got a Patagonia R3 (almost 1/2 off on their site) - it is a bit stiffer and tighter getting in and out - but I think it's really a 4.5 mm so that may explain why it feels stiffer and warmer - super well made, especially around the cuffs where I tend to destroy my suits. 
Also picked up Rip Curl Flashbomb 7 mm booties on a suggestion from this site - best booties I've owned - toasty warm and wider so fits me better.

I have a couple of redux's from Mike Becker
They are legit fun rides for our waves

Bump - price drop to $300

Lost Sub-Driver Surfboard 6'2" x 20.0" x 2.63" - Vol 34 L - $300
Futures Fins (included)
Board is in very good condition
Never dinged / normal pressure dents on deck / a couple of small (quarter sized) dents on bottom.
Can be seen / picked up at Nature Shapes in Sayville (Long Island)
Overlaps with a couple other boards - so it doesn't get ridden much anymore

FS - Lost Rocket 6'0"
Dimensions 6'0" x 20.0" x 2.44" (approx 32.5 Liters)
Good condition - two small dings repaired well - normal pressure dents
FCS Mayhem fins included
Board is at Nature Shapes in Sayville

Board is super fun - selling because it overlaps with two other boards I ride more often

bump - $275 negotiable

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