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Good seeing you out there Dorado! Who took the flic? I wonder if they got any photos of the terd on the yellow mitszven  ;D

Which Mitsven model/length? 

Aahhhhhhhh sorry!  Thanks Mayday. 

Both are Medium.

Two Xcel Revolt TDC (the groovy infrared stuff that looks like tie-dye inside and keeps you warm) wetsuits for sale, both in excellent shape, both used very little (the 5/4 especially).  Recently bought a hooded 4/3 that has become my main cold water suit, and I have an older 5/4 that will get me through the colder days.  Just don't use them anymore and they need a good home.

Both size Medium.  I'm 5'10 and 165 but you could wiggle into them on either side of that. 

Hooded 5/4 worn maybe 2-3 times.  $150
Non-hooded 4/3 worn a bit more, but definitely less than 10x.  $125

Both were never peed in, rinsed after each use, and dried immediately.  Washed for this sale with Woolite and ready to surf.   Could work out a package deal, maybe both for $250?

I can take pics if anybody wants. 

Thick Lizzy?

SD egg a la Mitsven, Mabile, et al.  Honey badger is nice.  Mitsven Magic is nice.  Larry Mayo makes great eggs.  Maybe a Lovelace Thick Lizzy? Those look great.  I'd go Mitsven or Mabile.  Oh and the Takayama Howard special mini.

What length is mid-length, to you?

Native plants, milkweed, grasses, etc.  Keep it local.

I say we make a reef out of the people who think developing on barrier islands is a good idea.

Curious what your take is on edge boards at this length... wanna share?

Yeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww fun one.  Good luck with the sale.  Stokers are rad and I think aren't being shaped by Bruce Fowler anymore?

Never understood why Jon Wegener doesn't get more love.  Sick sled, indeed. 

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rad, inexpensive.  no frills, no ads, no marketing, no bs.  same suit as more expensive brands.

Anyone aware of a precedent for a storm tracking straight over the entire east coast like this?


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