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I want one.  Single fin.  Anyone?


Anyone drink this regularly?  Just starting it.  Using Bragg's and local-ish raw honey.  I've heard good things...

Hey, my buddy's kid is learning to surf.  Anything out there?  Could be a beater but has to be watertight.


So I'm having one shaped right now and Larry is putting five fin boxes in.  I decided on this after talking with him and realizing that I'd like to be able to play around with fins, not just be "stuck" with a twinzer.  Having only ridden single fins (and a quad fish for a short time that I never really gave a chance) I'm really not sure about what to buy... keels with a little center nubby thing?  Quad?  Thruster? 

I'm using this board as a step down from a log, for smaller or mushier days up to chest-shoulder, maybe a bit bigger if I can swing it after I get used to the board.  I know it depends on how I'd like the board to surf, but I'm looking for something good all around at first, then later I can buy more fins and switch it up. 

So I need suggestions to offset my ignorance/inexperience.  Fin boxes are Futures.

Thanks for any advice.

this (6'8 or 6'10):

versus this (maybe a bit wider):

Me:  Old compared to most of you, consistently mediocre ability, want something fun and functional.

Any thoughts?  I'm pretty captivated by the sim-21.

talking about gloves.  7mm.  i have had xcel gloves and they've been ok, but kinda prone to tears.  anyone have ripcurl? 

not sure where to put this and i'm sorry if it exists somewhere already.

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