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Two Xcel Revolt TDC (the groovy infrared stuff that looks like tie-dye inside and keeps you warm) wetsuits for sale, both in excellent shape, both used very little (the 5/4 especially).  Recently bought a hooded 4/3 that has become my main cold water suit, and I have an older 5/4 that will get me through the colder days.  Just don't use them anymore and they need a good home.

Both size Medium.  I'm 5'10 and 165 but you could wiggle into them on either side of that. 

Hooded 5/4 worn maybe 2-3 times.  $150
Non-hooded 4/3 worn a bit more, but definitely less than 10x.  $125

Both were never peed in, rinsed after each use, and dried immediately.  Washed for this sale with Woolite and ready to surf.   Could work out a package deal, maybe both for $250?

I can take pics if anybody wants. 

1996 Gary Fisher Wahoo.  All steel, all right.  Hardtail, rigid fork.  The finest Shimano LX components.

Same frame and color as the one in the buildup pics attached, but it has commuter wheels (puncture-resistant!) and a more upright handlebar.  Also has fenders and a rack over the rear wheel so you can throw a crate on there for your wetsuit.

Pics upon request... have to take some tonight.

I think it's an 18" frame.  Fits anyone 5'8"-6'2" ish.

$200 firm.


$600 OBO.

pm for details.  Not a bladey Rincon-only board... it's suited for our waves.

Like new.

7'6-ish.  I know there were a couple floating around for a while.  Anyone lose interest?  I'm interested.


They look fun.  Anybody have one or wanna offer input? 

After years of abuse from skating and two broken ankles, my achilles' are in need of some attention.  It's hard to surf when you're bending deeply at the knees and your back heel doesn't touch the board... it's one point of contact and you're effectively balancing on the ball of your foot.   Need a good laugh?  Watch me do this cheater five!

Anybody else in this predicament?  Suggestions?  I have been doing some achilles-specific stretches that should help, but it seems like this is a problem area for me and might take some long-term nurturing to improve.


One lesson to include in your surf unit, which you teach to kids who most likely can't swim.  I always mention how Sean Collins was pretty hated by some folks, to keep things interesting.

Buy and Sell: The Surfboard Exchange on / cheap bing
« on: May 30, 2013, 03:22:55 PM »
not mine, but seems interesting, and for a good price.

How much does board length matter?  Anyone have anything sub-9'6" that they can noseride well?  Can rocker, bottom contour, etc make up for less length?  Of course skill is a factor too, and there are surely people who can noseride smaller boards, but I'm mostly curious if there's some kind of rule of thumb w/r/t surfer weight and board length or something, specifically for noseriding.   

I am aware of the jokes that can be made here, and let me tell you, there are respectable lengths below 9'6".  ???

Long shot, but I figured I'd put it out there... also be into checking out other quality longboards.  Me and everybody else.


I'm moving, have a bunch of 12" and weird assorted other reggae, mostly dancehall from the 90s-early 2000.  A few complete albums (mostly compilations).  I'm not going to list them here, but artists like Barrington Levy, Ninajman, Sizzla, etc.  Probably 20-30 records.  If you want them and can pick them up in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, they're yours.  If there's no interest, they go onto the curb this weekend.  Please commit to taking them all!

PM if you want 'em. 

Interesting.  Sorry if it's a re-post.  I had to pause a few times because it goes a bit fast, but the ideas here are solid.

I am in the process of cleaning out my place for an upcoming move, and I need to unload some fishing gear.  I'd rather give it away to people who can use it than try to sell it.  It's all stuff that I scored from my friend's grandfather's house in Bradley Beach--she let me come in and take any of his stuff that I wanted, so I took way more than I can use because I'm totally sentimental and I didn't want it to get thrown out.  He was an old school fisherman and had some cool old rods and reels, mostly lighter saltwater stuff but I think a couple of surfcasting reels and maybe one or two lighter surfcasting rods. 

Everything would be available for pickup in Brooklyn, or we could try to arrange a time for me to drop off in Rock when I'm out there next, which hopefully will be this weekend for a mini-wave log session.

Let me know.  Everything is in good working condition, but could probably use some tuning up or something.  I probably have about 5-6 reels and maybe 2-3 rods, plus some random tackle.  If you're interested in specifics, please pm me.


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