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hey dub, this board looks really fun.  you should post it on Jamboards.  lots of folks over there like these transition boards.

Leave well enough alone.  It's better this way.

First, kudos for looking for a local shaper, someone who can tailor a San Diego design to NY waves.  Though he's not "local" local, Larry Mayo makes great fish for east coast conditions, and great boards in general.

Buy and Sell: The Surfboard Exchange on / Re: San Diego
« on: November 11, 2018, 06:16:57 PM »
Try Jamboards forum

boards and links not match

The first few boards do not have links and are not on CL

If that means you're keeping it, smart move.

No CL ad for the Serena?

Ricky Carroll is underrated.  Sweet board. 

Need Essentials suits are solid for the price.  Xcels can be had for way less money if you look in the right spots:  Left Lane, Seshday, Steep and Cheap, etc.  Get a Drylock with TDC.  Done. 

4/3 sold.  5/4 still available.

DEAL.  Someone snag this.  Austin's boards are top-notch.

Good seeing you out there Dorado! Who took the flic? I wonder if they got any photos of the terd on the yellow mitszven  ;D

Which Mitsven model/length?
5'10 yellow DH twin keel. Nose Manny- we met years ago, you hooked me up with that fishing rod.

Yeah man, I remember!  Hope that rod served you well.  Those DH keels are really sweet... if my old ass didn't require more foam, I'd go for one.  I'm leaning more towards an egg from Bob, or maybe a LFS.  He's a craftsman. 

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