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^can someone explain to me why and how these posts are generated? i'm serious. i don't understand the spam messageboard thing. what does the poster get out of it?

,this a   messageboard for quick sale yes!  and What generate a serious thing, hi?   It good.  Good surf a wave oceantime water thing,    , help?  Get it posted;  a post it message surfing board for you.   

Also, watch the show "Trailer Park Boys" for some local flavor. 

Starting now:

1.  Skinny-cut board shorts
2.  Backward trucker cap with a bootleg New Era sticker
3.  Socks
4.  Those webbed paddle gloves with the fingertips cut out for better death grip
5.  2 leashes-- 1 calf (for walking the board) 1 ankle (for shredding) on different legs

Holler if you see me shralping the whitewater.

You can be passionate about what you do without the attitude.

Thank you.  Sums it up.