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Need to unload some boards / bags / rinsekit.  $550 for all. A very good deal if you can meet in Melville before lunchtime on Friday.

Clist Ad[size=78%][/size]

MR twin + trailer

Stretch quad

PG 7

+ Random composites

Will mail for $10.

See Clist ad

Nearly new (but over 10 years old) Bruce Jones Singlefin step-up / mini-gun type board.

Clist ad:

Bruce Jones

iv'e got a bunch of stuff i'd like to sell.  deep discounts for someone willing to make my life easy and buy the whole lot.....

Patagonia R4 (hooded) size XL tall.  Worn last season, but it's too long for me and pushes the boys up into my stomach.  That hurt, so I bought the Buell.  Used, but still bombproof.  ($100)

Buell 5/4 (hooded) size XL.  Worn twice at the end of last winter and I'm getting a new suit this weekend.  ($150)
7'2" Ricky Carroll travel board (semi-gun)  19" wide, very foiled, futures boxes.  mint/new condition ($250)

6'2" Ricky Carroll ros rocket (mod fish type)  21" wide, flat & fat, futures boxes.  not mint, not new.  2 dings, pro repaired. ($150)

6'3" Natures Shapes XL fish type board.  Tough to read dimensions, but 22-23" wide.  Very wide, flat, floaty board.  Used as a transition down from longboard.  Great beginner board.  Odd balsa rails, no dings, but def used.  ($100)

Oneill Mutant with hood/regular neck attachments, Size XL.  Not close to new, but no leaks. ($6er of brooklyn brown or similar)

Volcom 1/2mm smooth skin wetsuit top, size XL  brand new, never worn in water. bought from sketchy online, ripped off tags, too small, shitty return policy.  ($50)

I can also throw in:
random sets of molded future fins
smelly 7mm xcel boots that have been ripped and repaired.  they don't leak, but def smell.  size 12. 

Entire package for $600

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